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I want prayer for peace and perseverance. I have worked for the same company for 24 years. I have gave my all to the company openly admitting neglecting my family at times as a result (I group up in a single parent household so sometimes we lacked some basic necessities). I saw the job God blessed me with parallel with my work ethic he blessed me with as a means out of poverty. I was able to break many life cycles, like being a father to my son, provide for my family and I, and enjoy a quality of life and be a blessing to my church and community. I worked my way up from the ground up to a position that required a bachelor’s degree although I do not have one. However, we had a change in Leadership due to retirement. As a result this person started immediately start pushing retirement eligible people to retire. People like myself that is not retirement eligible she started taunting them. She move another individual that was a Manager who had been with the company 33 years and who is a mechanical engineer and one of the most knowledgeable individuals at the facility to another company. When this underhanded move was complete it struck fear into everyone and now everybody whispers behind her back in fear but nobody would say anything. She offered me several different positions that I did not want. However, recently someone made a mistake in my area of responsibility and she used that to move me to the role I turned down months prior. This role is not a long term role that could potentially end in a year in a half. The sad part is my son started college, we just completed a substantial addition to our home and plus given the state of the economy. Also, I was humiliated as the person that made the mistake is filling the role in the interim. I feel embarrassed and I hide out at work to stay out of this individual’s site. Again, I have been here over 24 years and I feel like this is my company too. However, I have been torn between leaving and staying. This has racked my brain, stressed me out. However, I know this individual is not bigger than God who ordered my steps!

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