Best prayer for employment

by TP (Virginia)

Oh lord, please forgive me for not being very good at Praying. It seems like I never got enough practice in the past, and had always thought that “It is what it is” and that some how things work themselves out over time.

Well Big guy, I got myself in a real pickle here. I resigned my Job last week at the strong encourage of my Boss. I had lost paintence with a couple of my employees because I expected them to “Man Up” and act like responsible adults and do their Jobs.

How Ironic is that I wanted them to “Man Up” when I acted somewhat similar to them and disrespected who they were. Well in any case Big Guy, I am now an unemployeed 53 year old man that is scared to crap that I wont be able to find another Job again.

Are you looking for any help? 🙂 Well I guess the only way I know how to pray is to simply say “Give me another shot at being employeed and becomeing a more paitent understanding guy oh lord”.

Any thing you can send my way would be appreciated, and I owe ya big time for listening.

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  1. So sincere

    Prayer is only talking to our heavenly father. He is our daddy you know. Just like we talk to our earthly father we can talk to God. We don’t need special words and special accommodations, we just need an open heart and a listening ear. When we pray, remember the blood of Jesus that was shed for us on Calvary. Remember the promised that Jesus made, that He will never leave us, remember the Holy Spirit, that He left here to comfort us, stay humble, stay in His grace, and forever be Blessed my fellow brothers and sisters. For this day and forever more God regins.

    Love you guys. TJS

  2. Re: Trying Hard

    I have been praying for 3 years – 8 months – and 20 days. Patience I have. The will to believe is weakening.

  3. Trying hard

    Well I have been praying alot, and so far i have discovered a trait that I was even aware I had.I am discover a thing called paitence!!!

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