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I lost my mom. I was her caregiver for over 20 years and other family members. She is the last one,it is very hard,a huge loss, not only losing her but losing my way of life and my purpose. I ask God to grant me purpose in my life.To comfort me, to provide me with people who care about me,take care of me. I want people in my life, everyday every moment.
The family I have left,I asked God to place in their hearts understanding and Light.My parents/family home my sibling wants it sold immediately,they want their half. It is not the right time in many ways and I would really like for God to give me more timeeverything,packing,donating,selling items, when it sells that it sell at the value of the hard work that was put in to it. If God sees that it’s not to be sold at this time that we rent to beautiful people who are needs of a nice housing situation until it is time to sell. I ask almighty God, to help and improve my relationship with my sibling and with their family as it has been strained for many years. As we have different opinion,outlook on caregiving,the sanctity of life, end of life,humanity.
Please pray for me as I grieve my mom and everyone I’ve taken care of and love praying for you purpose pray for a new job for income for money for me to to care of myself and for my needs.
Lord Jesus help me please!

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