Being a better me and daughter’s unemployment

by Fran (Georgia)

I have received so many thousands of blessings over my 65 years of life! Presently living on Social Security, husband out of work, living in very small rural town with no friends or family. Am ashamed of just wasting my life away-want to do something useful; cannot find anything here; undecided about leaving husband here and staying with sister in Florida. Would be leaving him with no income.

My daughter has been fired again from very good restaurant job. Please help her find employment.

Dear Jesus and St. Jude-compared to others’ problems I feel so selfish asking for help. I pray for help in doing something of value with my time, making the right decision regarding leaving here and most of all I pray my daughter finds employment where she is able to stay and not do whatever she does to get fired.

Thank you so very very much!

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