Beauty of God in Nature

by Prayers Admin ()

The Sun is shining bright overhead
And the trees sway ever so slightly
Rays of warmth caress my face
And I stare and watch in wonder

There is beauty everywhere I look
Each tree displays its colors
Their flowers are colored so finely
And I stare and watch in wonder

Nature’s artwork is beautiful indeed
What beauty lies before me
Such gifted mind and skillful hand,
That paints nature so nicely

And who is this unknown artist,
That puts all others to shame?
It is God Himself, the Creator
Who paints scenes so finely

Everything He made has beauty,
Even if it is unseen
How beautiful are His works,
That convey His Majesty

He makes the Sun shine everyday
And tells the winds to blow
What a beautiful world God created!
And how much more beautiful, oh God,
Are You, the Maker of beauty itself

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