Beauty and good skin great finances

by Jalissa Santiago ()

Please pray for me I’m going thru alot I just want happiness and peace I don’t want nothing to do with this group or this guy I want to be set free and happy I want to be beautiful so I can love me more cause I been broken and damage please expose all these people doing bad against me they are lying and there is this one ex bestfriend that keeps stalking me and disturbing my peace pray she goes away I want to expose her she is lying and she thinks she gots power she is part of everything I’m going thru she is fighting me over this guy I do not want him I want to be at peace she is a liar and dangerous person I’m tired of her she turned my family against me I want to be set free so I can stand and fight what I’m going thru please give me that chance I just want my happiness and peace I don’t need a man that doesn’t see my value and has me competition against female that are not better than me please pray that I succeed in my fitness and my beauty goals and no curses work against me I want to be happy what I’m going thru is abusive I don’t want to go thru it no more so pray that I find a real man not a man that is playing women bring me the right man amen

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