Beauty and good skin great finances

by Jalissa Santiago ()

Pray that every curse that is for bad against me be blocked in jesus name any curse against my beauty my butt my skin my shape of my body be blocked in jesus name and that I shine beautifully in front of my enemies in jesus name that Everything I want becomes successful and that everything proves that I’m innocent in jesus name that Everything comes out in my favor no weapons formed against shall prosper amen pray that I get beautiful from head to toe and my skin clears my body gets fitted and beautiful so I can shine beautifully and just be beautiful and alot of men admire me so I could find true love bring me a great man that will love me and think I’m the most beautiful girl in the world no matter what anyone saids and also expose the people doing bad against me that is part of this group expose all the bad in jesus name show them I’m telling the truth m
i know I’m beautiful already I jist want to be so beautiful that the ones that did me wrong will regret they ever crossed me amd that I ferl good about me and blossom beautifully for my health and my happiness and that my soul shine beautifully too and everything will be ok and happiness comes my way and stop girls from competition against me i want to be beautiful for me so I can follow future dreams and be successful still be about god but shine beautifully amen I love people stop some from disrespect me and to show me love that’s all I need love is healthy and love is the key please block bad against me and my beauty and shape amen and also they cursed me with a hernia clear that in jesus name love and appreciate you guys amen

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