Beauty and good skin great finances

by Jalissa SantiagoAe ()

Please answer my prayers and pray for me pray for my beauty to get back in order my skin to be beautiful and clear my body to be gorgeous so that I can model my finances to get perfect and right I want to be wealthy I’m going through a lot of corruption and I want to be wealthy I want to be able to be rich and be able to be comfortable and be able to have a lot of money and be happy I just want to be wealthy happy and just living happily I want to be beautiful I want a blossom can you pray for me and my beauty and my body to get beautiful so that I can go back tomorrow or whatever God chooses for me I’m still going to follow what God wants I just want to be beautiful and Blossom and Wealthy with what I’m going through I deserve to be wealthy I deserve to be rich I’ve been going through a lot of corruption I have a connection on me that they’re doing spiritually with other people and they don’t want to cleanse off and they keep lying and I want them exposed please Lord Jesus Christ help me expose these people cuz they’re bad and they’re lying and they’re lying and making me look bad and that’s not who I am I’m a child of God and I am a angel I am a goddess I am not about the devil I rebuke the devil I have far from the devil I do not like the devil and I am not the devil so please pray for me pray that these people get exposed and the truth comes out and me gain compensation for all the abuse that I have been through pray for me and pray that everything will go fine I really need God I really needed Lord Jesus Christ and I love him so much and my faith is so strong in the Lord Jesus Christ I believe in God I have my heart on God and my face is on God and I know God is going to make everything possible I love Lord Jesus Christ and I am about Lord Jesus Christ please help me win this war that I have against me with these people lying on me and trying to see me in a bad situation please show them that I’m a good person and this is not me I am not the one that they’re doing this to they are altering a condition that is not me that is them and they’re doing it please expose these people because they think that they’re winning and I don’t want black people to win I want them to be exposing them to be handles but in a correct the way they are lying they are lying there are lying there are bad and they want to torture now only me but my family please protect my family protect everyone and make sure that the truth comes out because my family is innocent I’m innocent and I’m tired of everything I really need you please to make my mom happy again because she is going through a lot because people are lying on my family they’re destroying my family and they’re making my family go through a lot I really need you I really need you to expose these people because I have attachments to me and I already exposed who they was and they’re trying to act like they don’t know what I’m talking about when I spoke the truth please I need your help help me expose these people and help me get wealthy help me Blossom help me be beautiful help me keep following God and have my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ amen

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