Beauty and good skin great finances

by Jalissa Santiago ()

Please pray that people stop being disrespectful I’m getting tired of people being disrespectful and then they get upset when I confront them and I checked them I’m sorry I’m not a bad person but I’m tired of being disrespected and people act like people are stupid they act like someone doesn’t know what they are saying with their body language or doing with their body language I am very smart I studied everything so I know what’s going on and I’m tired of people being very disrespectful I’m about God I pray to God everyday I am about God but a lot of people disrespectful and they upset me and they make me defend me and go against them because I’m tired of their disrespect and they act like someone stupid and they don’t know what they’re talking about when I do I know a body language is I know when people cough saying decisive I know everything and I’m tired of it due to this corruption in the city that’s how big the situation is and that’s how people are reacting they’re acting like no one knows what by languages or what coughing means and all that stuff I am very smart I started all this I’ve been going through this for years and I’m tired I want all this corruption to be confronted and for me to stand up and fight soon please pray thank you

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