Beauty and good skin great finances

by Jalissa SantiagoAe ()

Please pray for me because there is someone hacking my phone there’s more than one hacker and they’re looking at my pictures and they’re grabbing my pictures and they’re putting bad against me and my pictures they’re messing with my beauty they’re messing with my skin they’re messing with my beautiful body there are jealous of me and every way please block all the bad that they try to do against me and Jesus name and make sure that I do accomplish my goals and my dreams this year and I be able to fall through with my dreams and be successful and be on point with my beauty please clear my skin make my skin beautiful make my face beautiful make my body beautiful so that I can model but I can model in a decent way and still be about God I please I want to follow my dreams and I want my dreams to be successful in Jesus name I want you to stop whoever is putting bad against me stop them please in Jesus name and do not allow them to the bad on me in Jesus name block every bad that they try to put on me in Jesus name please let me accomplish my beauty please let me be successful with my skin my beauty my hair and also pray that my hair grows in full because they’re also trying to make me bald these people are very much hating on me and hate is an ugly thing is a ugly trait I love people I love people please allow me to shine beautifully and Blossom beautifully from head to toe my hair my skin my body just everything shine and be blossoming beautifully I want my dreams to come true I want to be successful and everything I want blessings to come I want me to be able to be financially stable and be able to give my kids what they want please grant me the wishes that I want to be successful and be able to be wealthy from the the situation that I’m going through because I am healthy and I am dealing with a connection that is toxic and if they’re not healthy and I want to be healthy and show them that I am healthy and I want to be able to stand up and fight everything possible in court in Jesus name give me that chance to stand up and fight against everything that I have been through in Jesus name I find out about the properties and the acid to my name is Jesus name please give me the chance to win in Jesus name pray for me that I win and I overcome everything that I’m going through and that I’ve lost beautifully from head to toe and be successful in Jesus name thank you

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