Be With us all My Lord My father My God.

by Georlisha (United States)

You are the strength We need Our Lord and Savior

We ask for only what is needed Not for our wants And desires Please Deliver us from this troublesome and hardship time please Send Your Guardian Angels To set forth their Surrounding love and blessings upon us Please show us the mercy that no other will please give us the Love to help one another not only the ones that are in front of us Lord Let thy will be done
For all fruits that are ripened Let our hearts with yours be one.
Dear Lord Please Cover us in your blood so that no other may break your Word or your Bond.

Dear Lord Please Hear our cries And know that We are reaching out to Seek your guidance Please Forgive our envy For one another and turn injustice Bonds into love According to your Word Let us not seek one another for the Power and strength We Need But lets us seek You But support one another For In You Lord I trust and know only you may save us from ourselves and hardship In your name father I say Amen.

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