Be my lover, be my life. Save my family, save my wife.

by Jeremy gell ()

Lord save my family from my sin. Save my son please take him in. Lord i am late but please just hold the gate. I have let my fear become my way when I forgot to praise your name . i took glory for your fame. When i forgotten where i came. Forgive me Father for all the pain. I need you now, please touch my face, may i know my family’s safe. by your grace i breathe to say please God save my family from the pain when they see me in this cage. Satan had my card and called my name. I thank you Jesus for you came. Now i go to take my place. I beg you save my family from this pain. P.s. let satan know im here to clean his cave. I’ll raise hell if it’s what you say. Lord God Father please see my wife (Stephanie) has a place to raise her children should I not make it to the gate. Though you already came, Jesus, i’ve fallen to a claim. By your will if my last breathe Let me help the devil pass this test . Lord Ive lost my light. If only for a moment, i close my eyes. I can still remember what is possible. So by his name, the fathers son and I will bring the devil home through shun n shame, this day I pray father god please help satan change his ways. Jesus has the truth. Where he and I have walked passed cane. There Abels on the warpath with us . we are leaving no one here in sin. God is Good and he is Great. So Luscifer you’ll learn today. All things are possible while Christ has strength in me. You said i’d have my day. And on that day I pray Lord please save my family from this pain. For you will I’ll make the devil change is ways and then his name. I see God is life and in it . He made the way. He loves unconditionally and forever, I love you God I pray you will hear my brother say the same. Forgive him father and in the errors i have made. i pray please save my family from this pain.

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