Be a Prayer warrior for your Spouse

by Shaila ()

Be a Prayer warrior for your Spouse
By Shaila Touchton
The Lord will be with you and close to you when you ask. So continue to supplicate steadfastly and constantly for your spouse! Despite the fact that your answers may not appear as though what you need, realize that the Lord does answer all supplications in His own time according to his plan. The solitary thing that can save your spouse is Jesus, not you. Recall you don’t control your better half’s salvation-it is in God’s control. The Lord has permitted the present circumstance to occur for your great. It is critical to place the entirety of your trust in Him. It tends to be baffling petitioning God for your companion and not getting results. God answers all petitions in His own specific manner and His own time. You should get your solidarity from the Lord not with your own force. Recall that through the soul of God within you, you have power! Supplicate first, and ask the Lord how you can answer him with effortlessness as opposed to lashing your spouse out of frustration when their conduct isn’t Christ-like. Implore eminent Father to give your better half another heart, a heart to be open and responsive to the Word of God. Request that the Lord to assist you with talking with elegance, in any event, when you are irate and to eliminate all the hindrances from your better spouse path. God loves you. He won’t ever dismiss you. He hears your cries! He yearns to draw you close and fill you with His powerful harmony. Regardless of what your conditions, regardless of if your circumstance never changes. Gods Love is everlasting. God is there. He is your refuge and strength. Instead of negative pronouncement, say Affirmations that are positive statements that describe something that you want. If you repeat these positive statements often, they sink into your subconscious mind and become part of your mental attitude and behavior. Repeat affirmations as many times as you wish
God can and will work in your spouse’s life when they are ready. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” – Hebrew 11:1
“As a man thinks, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7
1.Lord, right now I ask that you would break the bondage of lies, manipulations, every evil wicked pattern of bad attitudes and bad behaviors over my husband. In the name of Jesus, I bind the enemy that speaks lies to my husband and that is fighting to keep him away from You and from me. Lord, I ask that you would protect my husband from evil that is fighting to retain its claim over him.
2. Lord I lift up my husband in prayer to you every day, Lord God be his peace, his joy, his strength and protect and keep him safe from the hands of enemy, from all deceptions, angry outrageous, violence, arrogancy, pride and stubbornness from all unwanted people or power who would discourage him from his God-ordained purpose you have placed on his life and for our marriage. In Jesus Holy Name I pray
3. I decree and declare that I am attracting my husband who is my soulmate and the love of my Life. And I am the wife God wants me for my husband and therefore my husband is deeply attracted to me In Jesus Holy name.
4. I decree and declare that My heart is open to happiness, joy, love and peace and I’m attracting my husband because God ordained our marriage and every breath we take are coming closer together with love, harmony, and peace.
5. I trust God the Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour, to attract my husband’s love, care, and attention and my relationship is becoming closer and stronger and I am grateful to God for bringing us close and together because I am worthy and enough for my husband.
6. I declare that there is no wall, no obstacles, no hindrances, no lies, no coverups between my heart and my husband’s heart and the power of Jesus Christ there is a wonderful flow of positive energy between me and my husband. An declare that we both have an unbreakable bond with each other.
7. I decree that I am fearless, calm and relaxed, safe and secured and I declare that my husband is faithful towards me, he has unconditional love for me, he is truthful always, and we together enjoy love, joy, peace, romance, passion, happiness with good health and long life in Jesus Holy Name.
8.I decree and declare that I and my husband have a healthy divine relationship with each other and he is faithful for all the promises and vows he made for me and we are together happy, rich, and stronger because Jesus is the center of our marriage and relationship.
9. I decree and declare that my husband radiates his love and affection towards me and my children and he is harmonious in everything and he is respectful to me and to my family members In Jesus Holy name I claim.
10.I decree and declare that My marriage is built on love, trust, and loyalty, and my husband is so supportive, compassionate helpful, kind, and encourages and comforts me all the time. My husband is a true blessing from God in my life and our marriage is a miracle and a true gift from God.
11.I decree and declare that My marriage is prayerful, powerful, and passionate. I declare that my husband will enjoy the quality time spending with me, and he will always set aside time to be together and he will always defend me and our marriage.
12.I decree and declare that our saviour Lord Jesus Christ would renew ,restore, save and bring miracle of reconciliation to my marriage and by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ,I destroy all the spirits of anger, silent treatment, hate, misunderstanding, resentment, complications, bitterness and thoughts of divorce, separation, distancing, abandoning and the spirit of leaving and forsaking me in my husband’s Life by the Blood of Jesus Christ and In Jesus Mighty Name. Lord God, guide my husband to me and to our marriage in Jesus Holy name. Amen
13.Father God, heal my marriage and keep us together and heal my husband’s mind and take his burden upon you and his worries and fears upon you and touch his mind and health and give him sound mind and perfect health and I bind and cast out of all sickness of any form or any plague, any kind of evil addictions, every unclean and foul spirits that is operating in his life and that is coming near to him and I cast out every spirit of doubt, loneliness, every evil and demonic spirits, rejection, every marital commitment, and negative thoughts out of his mind and every spirit of death and problems coming near to him or to our marriage be canceled in its roots by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and by the fire of God in Jesus Holy Name. AMen

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