Be a better person in Christ

by Donna Lynn Wright ()

Dear Lord please I ask for forgiveness of my sins, I am not worthy Lord but I need you whole heartedly. May I ask you for mercy, strength and guidance for my health and strength. I need to lose weight, for my serious conditions of Diabetes and my Congestive Heart Failure. I have 4 children and they do not have much concern for me as I am always there for them, however my youngest daughter who is the only one who lives with me is 13 years old has no idea of the depth of my illnesses. I also care give for two aunties from my father’s side in their mid to late 70’s and they also rely on me. Lord help me continue to be close to you. I spread your word of truth and confess the testimony I have experienced. Many close friends are very ill and or recovering from a critical life injury or terminal diseases such as cancer. Then those friends battling addiction as well. Please Lord I ask for your help to be closer to you and abide. I need prayer for my finances, I usually work two jobs to stay afloat, the pandemic has hit hard for me to provide properly for my family. I need a good working vehicle to get my senior ladies, my daughter and I to important appointments as one aunt was born intellectually challenged and she had meningitis 2x, brain surgery, 3rd stage breast cancer, a broken hip, and to the market etc. I stand in faith as always Lord, my circumstances wear me down but my faith sustained me this far. I need you Father

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