Balance in my daughters family.

Dear Lord, please take care of my daughter and grandson. Help her husband to become aware of how he needs to be a better husband and father and become a provider for his family instead of having my daughter working so hard to pay the bills and taking care of most of their financial responsibilities. She needs a rest, but she never complains. She works so hard and has to deal with her MS. Please have my son in law grow up and act like a man, who has responsibilities instead of always complaining that his work is slow and that he’s always sick. Please lord help my 14 yr old grandson, to realize that this isn’t how a man should treat his wife and help him to realize that even though it takes 2 to work that you should always pull your load no matter what it takes, as long as it’s honest work. I ask you to bring balance into this family so my daughter can enjoy a little relief, even though she never complains. I ask this in your name.


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