Bad financial problems and uncontrollable kids. Family needs a big financial breakthrough

First I would like to give. God the glory. Father I Come asking for a big financial breakthrough. I am a hairstylist have recently had to move from my current location. And have been force to move to another location that I’m not at able to afford but is a great place to work. My clientele has went away tremendously. I have bills that are due immediately. I have no money. My family has really been suffering financially. My sons have gotten with the wrong way of life. Please bring them two from these bad situations and choices. My oldest have a felony case in Florida. Please Lord free him from this case. Court is Aug 21 at 1:30 in Fl. Please Lord erase this case don’t even let him have to set foot in that courtroom again. We have no money for lawyer or money or transportation to keep sending him down to Florida. Please help my parents they are old now and hospital and Financial bills are weighting on them. They are not financial able to afford the bills. We all need you to step in and take control of all the situations in our hold that had a great hold on us. Lord I need you to make some miraculou mircles to take place in our family life. Forgive me please for all the things that I have done and will do. I need u to take control of our situations and life. Some things may not be directly state here but Lord I know you know all our needs. I and my my is in Emergency need from u Lord. Please Help us right away and be with us forever. I desperate need of u My Father, My Lord we need your Amazing Grace. Thank you. Forgive Us. We need U Lord.