Bad Dreams

by Alyssa Pascual ()

Sweet Jesus

I come before your amazing Father, the great God almighty, risen one. And I put my Faith in him that this Easter 2020, the greatest boyfriend will enter my life. Not before you end all nightmares today I’ve been having some bizarre dreams and waking up to me and my sister over giraffes around a lake. Father you’ve got to put an end to these nightmares. Send your best angels to guard and protect me from night terrors. Take away these bad dreams I’ve been waking up to in the morning. I thank you for every blessing that’s send down to improve my health and I ask that one day you would remove 50 pounds through help of a miracle schedule with Phenaprin it might be my only hope. Lord Jesus I am 190 pounds and for the Summer I was hoping to go to Cancun with April. I know that you will allow me to. In your time Richard Garcia would return and I was hoping that it would be for Graduation. Not wanting to put him into anything. I beg you Lord that he will not remain MIA from my life. I lost a good boyfriend who meant so much to me. If any way that I feel the Lords Holy Spirit granting me good conditions that I would see this man. Lord don’t keep me in this dumbfounded in this way for too long. You’ve promised Richard and that we both would end up spending a lot of time together. Lord I never wanted to lose him. I was looking forward to going on our little honeymoon together. This is why I have to remain very serious about my weight. Lord will you please justify my weight right now my stomach is big, my thighs are big, and my whole body is shameful to a photoshoot. Take all this weight away. And thank you Jesus for rising on this day to bring me new life in you . I beg you to have mercy on what you took away with Richard. In three days he will rise from this dead relationship just like you I have Faith in you bringing that to us Amen

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