Bad Day Prayer

by Alfin (Malang,Jawa Timur,Indonesia)

My Dear,

here i tell my story in recent of my,i m not stay with my parrents for school,for study,and for,i shall take care my i saty in boarding house.with my friends.but in my mind,people of this house is too objective.i know they always give me notification and suggest and or maybe argument.but sometime that suggest called with me as day,i have deny his argument before.because i have another way to do their suggest.but thats my fault too,why i didn’t tell what i want to do?.since that event. i feel being far with some friends was passed on. i found my hollyday of happy am i when i met my parrent,my brother,my family,and my neighbour.after all.this hollyday was ended.

i went back to school again.after arrived to my boarding house.i feel all my friends here stay far with,then i ask them what’s going on?.they tell and tell.after all,this is last words i found.”this is our last time to give u notification.we are feel enough to give u same notification,we’re bored with this,with ur same thing.we will just remind by other way.its maybe feel so hurt”by that and them feels more not family anymore.
one day i gettin vomit,in bathroom,i have clean the bathroom.but when they go in to the bathroom.they still smeel something bad.they mad to i clean the bathroom should be finish.but for still like the same thing like before,disgusting,they tell and tell each other about me and without me.tell something bad about me,just like this,then mock me,insult me,etc.
in my mind why they didn’t understanding what happen to me at first?just like u have to pee then u clean it and in ur MIND is clean but in fact it isn’t and u dont know here i though that they’re objective on what they see,not on what happen?
now,i feel we’re not family anymore.conflict with each other is not really nice.but very bad.i feels like no interaction with me.
my dear,i need ur help?please i need it :'(