Backstabbing Evil Co-workers

by Rosemary Visconti ()

Lord Jesus hear my prayer – I need a miracle and help ! Im really for a couole of reason. First, i lost my job because of evil Stella, Eva and Savita. I worked so hard and no matter what i did for the company got me no where i ended up losing my job and so close to x-mass too. So, now im worried about the evil boss Paul LeClerc and Tom Constantinou not scared itll effect my employment benefit, but worried about getting excellent reference from them who i dont trust will effective me not only get benefits until i get a job. But, bad reference these disgusting ppl. I hope to God that i get and quality for E.I., but i get excellent reference i hope Patrick or somone in there is willing to give me what i so derseve excellent references without any problems and my future. Please, also God ensure i find an excellent job fast a full-time job and ppl who respect me, care about me, protect me and that i do ever have to worry about jealous, evil, backstabbing two-face, disgusting ppl and ppl love me, my performance and finally happy and retiree there and not have to struggle and dont have to worry anymore. I have so much on my plate with 20 thousand loan from school to pay off, bills, etc.

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