Back in time to right the wrong

by Tiffany ()

Dear God in Heaven please hear my prayer. I know I have prayed to you about a hundred times regarding my fiancee, Luke. I ask that you please turn back the hands of time to Nov 1st 2018 please. Please be with Luke in his dark times, please feel him with light and love, please push the demons in his mind away and remind Luke that he is loved and needed in this world. Please don’t take him away from us dear Lord. Please undo what he has done, please give him he strength to put down the gun and reach for me. St Jude I pray to you for I am desperate. My family is in pieces my heart gone. Breathing is hard waking is unbearable. Please Holy God in Heaven, I know what I ask for is impossible, but for you nothing is impossible. I pray you bless us with this Miracle of life and second chances. I will guide him and be his strength when he is weak. He is an amazing person and we need more of him on this earth, I beg of you to allow us to right what was wronged and to save his life. Please hear my prayer. Please see there is no malice in our hearts, please dear God don’t say no. One month is all I ask. tomorrow makes one month he took his life. Please give it back to him for this was not your will. Please hear our pleas to you. Please God, please.

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