For health and safety of children

Dear Father. Please protect my 3 children from harm. I ask that you guide them in the right direction in life. Keep them from evil people and peer pressure. Thank you for blessing me with them God. Please continue to watch over them. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Getting out of debt

God I pray that you help me get out of debt. I can no longer pay all these bills. I feel like I am drowning. I feel so sad that I am struggling to take care of my 3 children. Please guide me financially. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Broken relationship

Dear St Joseph
Please pray to Jesus my Saviour to heal the broken relationship with my daughter. Bring us to see eye to eye & a deeper, affectionate bonding.

For strength and financial security

God Please help me in this time of need. I am the only parent taking care of my 3 children. I am struggling so bad. Please give me the strength to go to work everyday. I feel so weak. God I know YOU CAN HELP ME. I just want to be financially secure. Thank you for blessing me with a job. In Jesus name I pray amen.

Restructuring my life and the lives of my family

Oh God my father, I thank you for your love and provisions in my family, I thank you for a wonderful family you have blessed me with, I glorify your holy name forever and ever. Amen,
Lord God almighty, I ask for restructuring in my life, my family, and my loved one.
my husband is out of job, my younger brother’s business is not growing, my job is stagnant with little salary.
God liberate me and my household in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Prayer for sick pet

Please prayer for my 12 year old male cat Chotu. He is sick and in some pain. Please pray he will get proper treatment and healing soon. All pain and swelling will go away.

Thank you so much.

Complete transformation. A new life

My prayer for my new life is that I will be blessed with a burning desire to know, surrender and trust God. That I will have an intimate relationship with God, a better heart that pleases God. Contentment in all my circumstances. Real Love for God, myself and others. Confidence, a healthy self esteem, self respect and comfort in the body that God made. I pray for True joy. Stable God intended relationships. Wisdom. Healing, forgiveness and freedom from jealousy, the hurt from my past relationships, stubbornness, pride selfishness, greed, laziness and procrastination. I pray for visible growth and the achievement of my goals. Healthy mindsets. Complete alignment with God and his will. I pray for healthy and good Priorities. The desire to start and be consistent with a healthy diet. Financial independence, abundance and prosperity. Enough financially for my needs now and in future and a willingness to share. When God is ready I pray that I will meet my partner but be content with my own and God’s company till then. I pray for Knowledge of scripture and a healthy bible and fellowship life. I pray that God will make me a go getter and not a mere dreamer. I pray for a consistent, healthy and productive routine. I know I have mentioned a lot of things but I believe God is capable of meeting and surpassing all my needs. Please help me to pray for complete transformation in my life.


Heavenly Father I sincerely pray that your healing hand may be extended to me for good health.
in Jesus’ name

Children of mine

I prayer for God to guide me, to seek everything opportunity to ask for his help. To give me the courage and strength to take time and let him into our lives more smoothly as we seeks for his presence. This relationship is all new to the surface. I have been following his drive to change my whole world by being aware of his work and blessing. Please give me the strength to so humbly ask for his help with the normal sickness that my children carry at the moment. He has shown me he is here working in our lives I hope to continue to seek him so desperately even in hard times and good. We love you Jesus and are so thankful you have came into our lives and pushed those walls down to let us see your work.



My marriage was hit by a storm and broke two years ago. My wife left with the kid.
I have tried to persuade her to forgive me and come back to our matrimonial home but all
in vain.
life has ever since been very difficult. Please pray for my marriage

Prayer for miracles

Almighty God the father, in the name of Your Son Lord Jesus Christ, please pray for me and for my family as week miracles, financial prosperity, healing of my sick body, my sick spirit. Please pray for us ang grant us peace of mind, wisdom and courage. I/we trust you Lord, we worship you Lord. In Jesus Name, amen.

I seek God’s protection

Last year I did something stupid and misrepresented accounting figures at work. I stole money. I have always regretted it and do not know how to fix it. Now there is an audit and I am afraid of getting caught , being embarrassed and losing my job. Pray with me that God protects me and my job.

Healing for my daughter

Please pray for the complete healing, protection from complications and fast recovery of my daughter Clare from Dengue Fever. Also for the protection of all my loved ones from any disease. Thank you

Dear God

I have a lot of money problems so please help me god today please

Lord please bless me

Lord, I no I have wrong you in so many ways in my youth and now, please Lord I ask the for your forgiveness and bless me with my heart desire, bless me as you bless Hannah and Sarah in the bible, bless me with children lord hear my cry, and put my enemies to shame, thank you lord for prayer answerd. I ask this through Christ our lord. Amen

Need a job

Father I am i need of a job so that everything am going through can be better, I can get an apartment to live more comfortable with my son so father God I am praying for your help and your blessings upon my life


Me and my family are help up in a legal case after my husband suicide.My in laws filed a case aganist me and my parents saying that we are the cause of his suicide.Please pray for us to come out of this case without any issues.

God leading

I need God to unveil is plans for the vission He has given to me, I need Him to show me the right way to follow to acttualise the mission. Thanks

Employment for son

Pray for my son to receive a call tomorrow morning that he passed his tests and he can start work. Please he needs help and God guidance he has done good in going to church every Sunday. I have talked to him he has God in his soul and very calm never have I’ve seen or heard him talk this way. But God continue to lead him to the right path and shower him with this job, so he can know you are by his side that you have not forgot home.


Please pray for my pregnancy my name is Kaitlyn i would greatly appreciate it thank you!

The evil that dwells

Please pray for me and my fiancé we have an evil spirit dwelling in our home fighting against us we pray everyday to help keep it at bay and Ik that with all of you praying with us it will surely do wonders because Jesus in himself is wonderful so therefore his followers also

Going back home to Chicago

God’s guidance on where,when and how I should go about moving back h ime with my 3 daughters…where?? We shall live?? Where?? I shall work as a nanny?? When we should go on our journey??
Please pray for the Holy Spirit to guide our Jesus..mighty holy name..Amen!:)♡


I am having very much acne pimples all over my face. My face has almost been damaged it looks worse. everyone keep asking me for what happened to my face dis much. And i still keep getting so many pimples all over my face. I want healing from it.

Peace in my mind

Dear Lord thank you for this day and it was so peaceful. Thank you for keeping our families safe. Dear Lord please watch over me and protect me in my life. Ease my mind of anxiety and bad thoughts the mistrust I feel. Please help me to make wise decisions and deliver me from evil. Please watch over my mother and keep her safe. Please bless my church and the people. Help me to be strong and to always turn to you and not people. Please bless the country President police and our military. Without you we are nothing. Please help and bless Travis and his family and that the good work he did to be successful. I pray that the two Muslim men accept you as their personal Savior and to have good lives. Please help Andrea with her health problems. Please make her well and comfort her. Please bless her and Jonny Ray in their lives. Please help Kathy in her health and help her to get her water problems fixed and her trailer floor. Bless Darlene Susan and Robin. Thank you for their friendships. Please bless my marriage and help us to value each other. Thank you for your beautiful salvation all the many blessings in my life. Help me to be a better person. Please bless our families. In Jesus name I pray amen.

Prayer for health speedy road to good health

I am desperate for my daughter, she has worked so hard to get to her current state and all is at risk due to poor health. She is strong and a believer in the power of Christ. Please pray for her to regain her health and strength to see her goals and dreams come to fruition.

Restoration of brokeness

Please pray for my husband, and my sister to return back to the Lord.
please pray for my son mind to be restored from many years incarcerated. And that I will find strength in the Lord, to do His will. thank you


Lord please help me. Please don’t let me end up this way. I thought I had a good thing but now I realize maybe I was wrong. I still have faith in my situation. Lord please protect me. Please don’t let me fail. Show me the way. Keep me strong. In Jesus name I pray amen

Mark needs healing and deliverance

God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and strength and of a sound mind…please pray for my son mark to think straight and to get off of all drugs..i pray for God to soften his heart and for mark to surrender his life to the Lord and to let go of all hate and anger..Psalm 91, Isaiah 54:13, 17 and for his younger brothers and for his children and grandchildren…to be safe and angels to protect them in Jesus Name I pray, amen

A job

I am a college student and I really need a job to survive in this world and to start my work history. I really want a job just because but I really need to work. Please pray that I find a job.


I am the caregiver for a parent with dementia and am trying to balance work and home life but seem to be moving nowhere fast. I made the assumptions that my siblings would help care for our parent but it seems I assumed incorrectly. I am experiencing anger and resentment because I feel stuck in this life and feel somewhat hopeless. To make matters worse, I am struggling financially and need to make necessary changes to my home. I ask God to give me strength, patience, courage and the financial resource to manage my mothers care and to find peace of mind in all my days.


Please help me win my dream number as soon as possible in jesus name.


Please pray for my husband, Dwayne. He has severe gout in both feet. He is in such pain with it and can barely walk. He has just started dialysis for kidney failure. He is depressed because of all that’s going on with his health. Thanks for praying and may God bless each one of you.


Please pray for my husband and me we are with out jobs and we are hurting cant catch up with bills please pray for us.

Healing and forgiveness

I’m asking god to open my wife’s heart to heal from infidelity and find the strength to work with me in fighting my addiction so that our relationship can heal and become something even stronger. He has brought us into each others lives for a reason and preparing us to do great things together.

God’s Divine Intervention

Dear God,
Thank you for our blessings. I look to you seeking your assistance with giving my husband a chance for each new employment chance this week. Please send the Holy Spirit To Help us for. I am so afraid.

I need healing

Please pray for God to heal me physically, financially, and spiritually. I need to be well physically to work and I need a good job. Friends and family know I’m a Christian and trust God. Some scoff because of my troubles and think I’m wasting my time trusting God. I want them to see His blessings in my life and know He is worthy of all praise, glory, and worship! Thank you.

Restore Jozetta’s brain

Dear Lord, you know the condition of my grand daughter Jozetta’s brain. You know what she was facing at birth. I know you are a healer, you have the power to raise the dead. I pray for your will to be done and a healed restored brain for Jozetta is your will. I stand on your word and believe in a miracle coming to Jozetta, let her healing bring Glory to you. Amen

Prayer to sell our house

Father God please pave the way for our house to sell without any obstacles. We ask for the intercessions of all the saints esp St Joseph together with our Blessed Mother in unity with Your Son Jesus Christ. AMEN.

Prayer for my husband

Asking for prayer for my husbands eyes to be healed from what the doctors think he might have.

Help my husband and bless my children

Dear God I m grateful for all the things u hv blessed me with.ur blessings make feel ur presence dear I pray to u to help my husband from the turmoils of his works..n guide him to be soft.i prY for the lovely kids that u have blessed me with.please enlighten their path n bless them with purity of thoughts n peace at everyone to be grateful of the gift u hv given

Missing child’s clothes

My daughter’s sleeping wears (3 tops) went missing mysteriously. No visitor came around within the period I noticed. I want to ask that you all pray for her that if its for some evil reasons, God should stand up and protect her and the rest of the family.


Please pray for my husband and our marriage. That he stops cheating. Take away the enemy from our marriage . That we love each other more everyday .

Being hurt by a love one

Lord I ask for guidance and understanding. I’m in need of what direction. I don’t know what to do in this very moment. You know my situation. Do I stay or do I walk away. I’m tired and broken. Trust is not good at this point. What to do Lord. Show me the way the light. Amen

Give him strength

Lord I come to you asking that you heal my son and make his knees okay again Lord. I ask that you help him make the right decisions Lord, Let your will be done Father. I just want to Thank You in advance for your blessing. In Jesus name Amen