Project for my husband

Lord open the door of blessing to my husband, and allow him to find projects that he can make enough money to provide for his children’s heath, wealth, education and keep a roof over our head.

Prey for suitable employment

Dear lord, I pray for suitable employment that is rewarding and is inline with my passions and strengths. Sometimes I have been over exerting myself to get ready for my next job, and I have been burning myself out at times. I know ultimately you are in control, and I have to have faith the struggle I am having is part of your plan. You have eased my employment related anxiety every time I asked, and I am very grateful. I prey for strength to get me though this difficult time. Amen.

Prayers for Sue

A very dear and sweet friend has some bad health problems. Times are getting bad and near. She is healing and strength to make it through all she has going on. Please send prays

Praying for my daughters

I pray that your perfect will be done in my life and everyone who I am praying for in Jesus Mighty Name.
Amen and Amen.

Praying for hope peace comfort and sleep

Father God I’m thankful for you I pray for forgiveness of whomever i hurt forgive me for my sins father God heal me from this broken heart I’m enduring on the lost of my son touch me lord help me understand what to to so protect my family and I pray my son killer is found thank you father amen.

Prayer for My Fiancé

Dear God,
Please protect my fiancé, Andrew, as he go through the battle. Bring him home in 1 piece dear Lord, unharmed, safe, and secure. Bless us that we may both come before You in marriage soon after his service is done. Amen.

Money owed to us to be paid back immediately

Good day
Please pray for me and my husband
We paid someone to sell us the house and he found another buyer who paid more than us.the new buyer paid the money to the attorney who have the money but have lots of excuses to pay us back, he got the money but we don’t know why he doesn’t refund us.we need the money back immediately please pray for us

Praying for hope and strength

Dear Lord, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for leading me to the scriptures and devotionals that address my needs so clearly.
Dear God, I need your help to guide me through my spiritual, financial, mental and emotional shortcomings. I have had serious financial problems since December of last year. They really became a problem when my nephew stole and deceived me out of about two thousand dollars. I have been disabled since 1994 and I have not been able to pay my basic bills. My water was cut off last week and my lights were cut off today and I don’t have the money to pay these bills. I use oxygen and I really need electricity. I suffer from a variety of illnesses and have been going to the doctors and having a great deal of tests done of late. My emotional state is very weak. I constantly think about killing myself and came close to doing it twice. It is as if I am on an endless roller coaster ride that is spinning out of control. I believe in God but I have lost all hope. I am tire and weary. I can’t get my family to understand how desperate I am. But today after reading the topic on how to pray for strength I am beginning to see a little help. I am praying for a renewed faith, hope and spirit. I want to learn to rejoice again in knowing that God knows my struggle and will answer my prayers. Thanking God for directing me to his words. Amen

Prayers needed

Many prayers for Trip to contact me positively and nicely that he wants to talk with me, in person, while he’s here, this week. For his fears to be gone, his head to be clear with happy loving thoughts of us. For him to follow his heart back to me. For us to talk in person, while he’s here and work it out. For everything and everyone standing in the way of us being happy together (the way we should) to be removed (not by death). For Susan to talk only if she will have a positive impact. For what Cari said to happen, this week, just as she said. For my 21st day to be this week and my prayers to be answered. Thank you, God for answering these prayers. I claim all of this in Jesus’ name!

Prayers for my husband

I’m asking for prayers for my husband to find a job we are really straggling financial y I’m the only person working and we have 3 kids please I really need prayers for him

Prayers for my blood clots to leave

Dear Lord Jesus I ask you to please lay your hand upon my heart and help me to overcome my fear of the blood clot that I have developed in my leg. Please heavenly father do all that you can to please dissolve this clot and bring me back to good health so that I can continue to raise my 4 kids as I am a single mother and the only parent she has. Please God I pray and ask for your strength to take this clot out of my body.I pray heavenly father in Jesus name..Amen

Prayers for cancer and insurance to be approved

Dear Father in heaven, today I found my insurance may not approve of tests I need to diagnose the cancer in my breast. Please help me to get approved and to be able to pay my co-payments so I don’t have to worry my family. Please heal my cancer, I pray, so my kids can actually see you hear prayers and believe even more in the miracles you do for those who believe in You! Amen

Prayer to welcome home

Please pray for welcome him home, for God to open his eyes to the Roman Catholic church and all the false ministries that He has been involved in that are mocking God.
For his protection from deceitful people as He has been vulnerable.
In Jesus name
Thank you

Prayer to return the love of my life back

St. Jude i pray to you to return the love of my life back. I love him a lot and i just cannot imagine my life without him. I know he loves me too but his mind is full of negative thoughts about me and out relationship. Bless him St. Jude so that all the negative thoughts get washed away and the good times that we have soent together is revived again. I promise to take good care of him . I ll protect him and care for him . I ll be his pillar of strength and support him physically emotionally mentally and financially. I ll always put his needs before my needs . I will take very good care of his family relatives and friends and i ll be with him in any situation or circumstance that comes in front of us. I beg u St. Jude to give me the love of my life back. Please do not fail me St. Jude i beg you to give me the love of my life back. Amen.

Prayer to restore my husband’s love

Dear heavenly father, you are powerful, righteous, loving, holy, pure, and all praise and honour to you. I come to you requesting to restore my marriage and bring back my husband’s love. He ignores me and does not show intimacy for over months until when I confront him. Heavenly Father, I tired of this situation as it leads to temptation yet I have my husband whom I stay together for 12 years now. Please, you are a miracle worker, I need this miracle to restore his love, care, and intimacy back to me till death do us apart. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Prayer to my sons

My pray is for my two sons Rudy Jr and Esteban- That darkness be lifted from their souls- that they be financially capable to support their children and their partner. That temptation be removed from drug use. That anger in them be released and that they can reunite as brothers with each other. God this is my wish as their mother. From my heart I pray for them.

Prayer to keep my job

God please help that I will keep my job . Touch the hearts of the investigators and that they may find the truth that I was not the one who did it. I will take the responsibility of what I did but I am hoping that they will give minimal disciplinary action. I am praying that Luisa will tell the truth and praying that this way she said the truth she will get minimal punishment too. Please touch the hearts of the HR and my manager that they would keep me in the company.

In Jesus name Amen

Prayer to keep my job

Heaveonly Father, I need your intercession right now to help me keep my job. I have made a mistake that warrants my firing but I plead with you to come into the hearts and minds of those deciding my fate. Please let them see the benefits of my skills and service that I may keep this job that I love. I have taken it for granted but now realize what a gift my employment is to me and my family. Jesus I implore you to please help me as losing this source of income would be devastating. I love you with all my heart. Thank you.

Prayer to get the job i interviewed for

Dear God, please i need your help to get this job and for this job to be a wonderful one for my family and I. For it to pay well but more importantly allow me the flexibility to be with my children when i need to be. Please let me hear back soon that I have the job and let everything be in perfect harmony and bliss for me and this job and especially for my children.

Prayer to adopt

Dear Lord,
I pray for my husband and I to be able to adopt our foster child. Dear Lord, please bless us and her and let us continue to raise her in our family and teach her to know you. We have all bonded, and pray she is able to have a good stable family with us and continue to have a Father and Mother who love each other and her very much. I pray as her Mother has not taken care of her siblings, that you please do not let her hurt her emotionally, mentally, or physically as her siblings have had such hard times. My heart has wanted a child so much to complete our family as we have had such hardships trying to conceive and carry. My heart hurts and I pray that you help make it strong. Thank you lord for blessing us with so many friends and family who love us. Thank you lord for blessing us and help us understand the way. I pray for your will to be done and for strength. Please lord I ask this in your name Amen. If you read this please pray for us.

Prayer of Resurrection

Lord my Aunt Gladys passed away on Sunday morning but she isn’t gone. I might seem crazy but I know you can wake her up from her slumber just like you did with Lazarus. Lord let your resurrection power manifest in her life and restore her to perfect health. You are certainly the one who created her out of nothing, you know the number of hairs on her head even the air she breathes is You, Lord please heal her for your name to be glorified.

Prayer for the sick

I pray to the Lord and to Mary that my mother will find out what is causing her Muscule weakness and that the doctors will find an answer for her soon. I pray with my heart and my soul that she will get better very soon.xxxxxx.

Prayer for the sick

Lord please heal my niece jenny who is suffering from a lung cancer right now may your light shine upon her oh Lord, we believe in you..Lord ee trust in you please show us your miracle, i understand that every thing happen according to you will but Lord Jesus we beg you, heal my nieceand let her free from her sickness oh Lord. AMEN

Prayer for the sick

Lord please heal my niece jenny who is suffering from a lung cancer right now may your light shine upon her oh Lord, we believe in you..Lord ee trust in you please show us your miracle, i understand that every thing happen according to you will but Lord Jesus we beg you, heal my nieceand let her free from her sickness oh Lord. AMEN

Prayer for support and protection

Please protect me and my children from my ex-husband. Please give us a chance in our next court date and to make my ex husband have a change in heart. Please let us have the chance to have a fair trial in Washington state. Please let my children be safe, please let them stay with me. Please can someone help us and fight this

Prayer for sick son

Please pray for the healing of my son Sean who has been sick with stomach pain for a very long time. Pray for Gods mercy and grace to heal and protect him.

Health and peace of mind

Please help me pray for health and peace of mind of my elderly parents, Remedios and Gabby.
Thanks a lot.

Prayer for prosperity

That God would enable me to earn more, open doors for me, so that I can provide better for my children.

Prayer for people who hate

Dear Lord

I pray that you give me the strength and patience understand people that try to put other people down. Guide me to understand them and bless them with your Holy Spirit to the path take all the hate in their hearts so that they don’t spread it to others.
In Jesus name


Prayer for New Job

I am jobless and I need a work that is near location , no weekend work and good salary and benefits .work that suit to my ability. Amen

Prayer for my work team

Please pray for encouragement and strength at work as I have a manager who is going after me finding fault with everything I do. I struggle to fit in a team of people who are not believers and act against my belief. Pray for my protection and their salvation. Pray for that God would open a door for me to find a better job within a better team

Prayer for my wife and mother

Lord almighty i thank you for coming in my life in form of my mother and wife. i am thankful to you for showering your love and i wish for them to stay happy. i know i would have done so many sins and i confess. i love you god and will like stay near you. lord help me to come out of my sins and help me get a happy life for not only my family but for everyone on the planet earth. lord please make me strong so i can help everyone and my family.

Prayer for my son for employment

Please continue to pray that my son will find employment very soon, please pray that he will get the job that he had interviewed for so that his life can get moving on for the better. Please pray that he might also get some more interviews. Amen.

Prayer for my sister Agnes

Lord i came to you with humbleness today,my sister is in the hospital and in serious condition waiting to be operated in the brain.Lord you gave us life therefore i humbly ask you to please give her another chance to live since she has many plans to do in your honor and glory.Lord you are our best doctor i pray Lord that you will heal her physically and spiritually.This i pray in Jesus name.Amen

Prayer for my missing pets

Dear Jesus, Hail Mary and all heavenly saints,
Please give me back my missing pets safely, unharmed and as soon as possible and heal the ones that are sick.

For some reason, almost all of my pets were harmed in the same month (or with relatively small difference in time).

I’ve had a cat for like 3 years, I loved her so much, but now she is gone. It’s been almost a week, and she didn’t come back yet. The cat had like 6 children.

The first two grew up to be adult cats, and everything was okay with them except that one of them lost an eye (not sure how that happened and I don’t even want to think about it because that will just make me even more depressed), the cornea disappeared but it eventually healed and came back but the injured eye was darker than the other one so I am not sure if the cat was seeing on both eyes even them.

The third cat is still alive and well, and it’s still with me (thank God).

The fourth, fifth and sixth are the youngest ones and they were born on this very year.

One of them is alive and well,
Second one has asthma or some disease like that and I pray to God that the cat will beat the disease,
Third one just disappeared when it was little, not sure if someone stole it or it ran away on its own but I know that it’s missing.

The mother has been missing for about a week, the first two cats as well (but I think that they are missing for even longer time than their mother), third one is okay, fourth one is okay, fifth one is sick, and the sixth one is missing.

I need those cats in my life and right now I am really depressed and I am missing them.

Also, my dog’s paw somehow got stabbed with some glass, and I’ve also had to remove that and clean it.

I am not sure why does this happen to me, literally all of my pets experienced some bad things and some of them are even missing. It’s like someone threw a curse on me and my pets intentionally so that I get depressed and sad.

Dear Lord, please give me my missing pets back (or at least give me an sign that they are safe), and heal the injured/sick ones. Thanks for hearing my prayer.


Prayer for my marriage

I pray for joy,love,true happiness,contentment,forgiveness,respect,healing,calmness,togetherness,prosperity in my marriage. i pray that my husband is in position to take care of his family and love his family just like Christ loves his church.And also pray that i become a better wife to my husband. And pray that we both continue to live and believe in Christ our Lord.

Prayer for my husband

My husband cheats and stops when I find out and repeats again, this is the 3rd time now and I feel terrible about it. I am not able to stop thinking about it now 3 months. Relationship is drifting away between us though he has asked for forgiveness but I feel he’s not being honest with me. I need prayers so that he can stop thus and concentrate in his future. He’s over 50 yrs and I am fearing how I’ll be at retirement when he continues with this. I asked him to get married but he has refused. Help me pray for his change of behaviour.

Prayer for my girlfriend to get back

Lord Jesus I lost my girlfriend one year ago it’s been a year I am waiting for her to come back her family is in contact with me and also they support me the girl is completing her studies….Lord heal my pain bring my girl back in the name of Jesus Amen….. I receive thank you

Prayer for my friend and mother

I am standing in for my friend and mother. Please pray for healing for my friend for she is battling an autoimmune disease and my mother who has been battling with high blood pressure uncontrollably. Both were in the hospital on yesterday. I know that you GOD you are a true healer and I am asking for your miracles to be delivered today. God if it is in your will they will live a life through you and pleasing to you. Father please send a comforter for them in their time of need. Lord I trust you and I believe.

Prayer for my family

I need prayers and strength to get back to my children. Due to unfortunate circumstances I am currently not with them. I am doing my best to move back closer to them. It’s hard to work and save the money to move when you live paycheck to paycheck. I have contemplated ended it (my life). I seem ok, normal on the outside but, inside, I play certain scenes over and over again that haunt me. I try not to let the depression win. It’s a daily battle. A constant struggle. Dear Lord, please give me the strength. AMEN!

Prayer for my children and family

Please pray for me and my family. Please, I humbly ask for prayers and help. Pray my children turn toward our Lord and back to the church. Pray please for my child in the service to stay with it, keep positive, and not give up. This one is being affected by the parties, civilian looks like fun life that their peers show on social media. Please pray they don’t give up this spot they fought for. Help him see the positives and stop getting bogged down in negativity and depression. Please help my youngest as they have trouble in school and with tests and social pressures. Help us heal the estrangement in the family. I am sad and at the end. Please pray for us.

Prayer for my Brother

Our Heavenly Father,
Please heal my brother. He was paralyzed about one year ago in an accident. He has a very serious bone infection and has stage 4 pressure sores. The doctors want to amputate his legs to heal the pressure sores and stop the deadly infection. You are a mighty God and there is nothing to hard for you. Please heal him or give him the strength to face the long road ahead. Not only the physical scars but the mental and emotional scars as well. Please give our family what we need to love and too be there for my brother. Please grant us your grace and mercy. I profess healing in the name of Jesus.

Prayer to Get Out of Debt

Please Lord,i want you to bless me with wealth and divine connections ,so that i can use it to clear my debt and pay for my wife hospital bill for antenantal.Please Lord ,help me to become Rich and A helper to others people in need.Lord,am helping people,but to eat now is a problem for me.please lord rescue me from all this mess,poverty .And also rescue me from the hands of those am owing to exercise patience,when they money come out,i will pay back.please Lord ,in jesus name.Amen.

Prayer For Marital Restoration and Reconciliation

Heavenly Father,
I pray for the complete restoration and reconciliation of mine and my Tabitha’s marriage. Lord, we have been through some serious spiritual battles and we have been beaten badly, in large part because we did not put you first in our relationship; Lord, we need You to rescue us from the evil one and repair what he has broken, damaged, and destroyed. Father, please move through my wife’s heart and soften it; she is hurting, she is angry, and she has lost her way. Father, I pray first and foremost she finds her way back to you and once the two of you get things back on track my prayer is she will return home to her husband who loves her more than anything else on Earth. Lord, we need you, our children need you; Father, I beg you to not let the enemy win this fight; but, rather you receive the glory from the testimony we will share once our family is whole again. Lord, I ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Lily and Kaleb

My name’s Kaleb. I grew up in a household that was divided, parents were never married. I’ve only ever had three dreams in my life: to use my gifts for good, to help my family and friends however possible, and to meet someone early in my life so that my family wouldn’t have to deal with the brokenness that I had to. I met Lily in July of last year. I had written a letter to God about the woman I wanted to marry and ten days later I met her. Lily is incredibly independent, headstrong, and courageous but she often has trouble with worry about her future and was the victim of a toxic relationship. We had our ups and downs but by the grace of God, we went to church together this summer. She looked at me and told me how grateful she was to have a man of God in her life. I want to marry this young lady. Unfortunately, those demons I mentioned seemed to attack her recently and we separated. We haven’t spoken in a month. I know God’s plan is bigger than mine and I totally believe that He’s in control. Obviously I want resurrection from the One who IS the resurrection for His glory and my joy. I trust Him and continue to wait. Please pray that He heals Lily, guides us, and ultimately that His will is done. A home with her is one of the deepest desires of my heart and I believe we serve a good God. Thanks for reading.

Prayer for Jim

Please pray and heal my husband’s stomach cancer. Please heal all the cancer in his body.

Prayer for home sold

Oh Lord, please help us sell our home to a honest family. Help our home give a new home to a family and help us sell it for a profit. My family is now split as relocation has occurred. Help us reunite and become under one roof. Pray for us.