Hail Mary full of Grace the Lord is with you blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit thy womb Jesus . Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now
And at the end of the hour of our death amen.

Stop Worrying

Lord I worry so much I’m asking you to take this fear of mine and destroy it. Help me trust you more help my unbelieve believe in your son Jesus name Amen.

Stop Divorce and Restore My Marriage

I pray for my husband to be free from all negative energy and evil surrounding him. I pray that he comes back home soon and for our marriage to be restored greater than ever. Last but not least, I humbly pray for the divorce not to go through and awaken him to remain loyal to me his wife of 14 years.

St. Jude

Dear st Jude ,am praying and asking you to forgive me for my sins, my husband to stop drinking alcohol too much and the holy father to bless us get a house of our own and with all our financial needs

Spiritual upliftment

Dear God in Jesus name, I pray for wisdom and guidance so that I can be able to know my purpose according to your will, I’m giving myself to you, take over my life heavenly Father…Amen

Prayer for Self Control

Please pray that I would utilize the self control the Lord has already given me. I am having trouble controlling my food intake. Thank you for prayers.

God bless

Pray to relief debt

I ask for prayer so that I can be able to pay my financial debts. My husband and I have accumulated so much debt and cannot find our way out. We feel that we cannot breathe and have sleepless nights just thinking of ways to pay off our bills. Please help with your prayers for financial breakthrough.

Jason’s heart and mind

Dear God, brothers, and sisters. I need healing. I ask first for forgiveness for telling Jason things that I should not have. I hurt is feelings and pushed hin away with my mouth. I don’t feel like I am a good woman and it hurts that he and others have walked away from my life. I need to know what he thought and how he could be so cold to walk away. I ask God to take away all of his anger, PRIDE, resentment, accusations, false thinking, lies, and more. He can’t see my heart or why I was sent into his life. Bring it to his mind Lord, let him see everything in a new perspective. Allow someons to help him see the things he said and did that were wrong. Help him to realize that I was his friend and lover, not his enemy. God, help him recoginize that I did everything out of love for him. I did not ask for, go anywhere, ir etc out of anything, but love. I prayed for him, but God I also know deep down that he needs his time to realize that. I feel like he needs 3 months to finally realize that I loved him. Right now he thinks that I am a piece of crap and has not contacted me at all for two months. He will not call, text, talk to ppl nicely about me, and he will not interact with me on social media. He thinks that everything I wanted was to show other ppl that I had a man, but that is not true. I showed him off because I loved him. I simply wanted the same in return, but everything I ever did back fired on me except for closing my mouth. Lord, I ask that I become a woman who closes her mouth and speaks less. Help me not to say everything all of the time. To pick and choose. Help me to calm my emotions and focus on my school work. I truly loved Jason, but he did not love me. Now, he is gone. My heart is crushed. I pray that he would call me again or care, but if not, Lord God I ask for healing and a HUSBAND who can love me. A cute man, educated, loves You, committed to you, his purpose you have given him, and use me to help him in his life, give him strength to deal with everything about me, give him wisdom, and allow his heart to be big enough to gladly accept me as is and love me. May the lessons teach me. I ask that he would never let me go. – sincerely Steph

Help me to understand

Heavenly father I pray did you give me understanding why he just walked away why he’s ignoring everything I’m throwing at him if you love me so much why would you walk away from me what I do to you I’m nothing but the goodest I just want to understand or what I know because I love them so much.


I need your players for health and a Job where I can find peace of mind.
Thank you and God bless you all.


Thank you Lord some blessing my family want to thank you some waking us up this morning God enough watching over us given us the ability to believe in you! Amen

Financial Stability

It’s my prayer that God provides me with a financial breakthrough so that I can be debt free, financially stable, and can be a blessing to others in His mighty name I pray! Amen

Family faith

Lord help me and my family in this time of need, help us to be able to be financial secured as we have helped others, keep us United as a whole as a family, that we may over come all our obstacle’s, . Bless us with financial freedom. As I praise your name all day…bless us with safety


Please decreed and declare that my children and their father will reconcile and forgive each other for past situations. Pray that the Holy Spirit overtake them, heal them of their brokenness. Empower them with the wisdom of God so that they may grow to openly love and appreciate one another. In Jesus name!

Bring my love back

Dear Lord, please forgive my sins. Please let the one I love so much understand my circumstance. Let her know my love is true and I’m empty without her. Please heal me God. My heart aches and I miss her badly. Let her understand and forgive me. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

Bring my love

Lord, your word said that it is not good for man to be alone, but I have been lonely my adult life. I have met men who did not love me, or I did not love them. I have shared intimately before marriage and I ask for forgiveness about that. I have waited sexually for years and I am upset about that. I want to share my heart, sex, cooking, time, love, gifts, and etc with a man. It is my purpose. I don’t want to be fully independent. I want to share this dependence with each other where we depend on You first, then on each other. I ask that you would make him like you in love and Vin Diesel in body. Help him to help me and I promise to do the same. Lord, I want to love him through it all, give him my all, stick by hus side through tough things. God, I can’t be with a man who would walk away from me. Don’t give me a man that quits easily and whom would ever walk away from me. Heal my heart. I also pray that my female friends struggling to find a man will also be married and loved. Lord, give us not a wedding, but a marriage. Give us Love like you see it in the form of marriage and commitment. Let those men adore us and we adore them. I want to be his queen and he my king. I want us to love you together and worship forever. When we have issues let us not walk away, but take away our pride and go down on our knees together to pray! Let love win. Let him love me and let me be his greatest assest to his purpose other than you. The poem I wrote in my dorm room years ago, God, I ask that you would bring it to pass. Fulfill my joy Lord. Fulfill my life. STOP making me have false hope that you can do all things. Let my hope come alive as I see you care for me and do things necessary to go forward and higher in you. Let my life becone a reflection of your grace and love upon and for me!


I need a divine breakthrough that will cut across the world population and lift their spirits closer to Jesus Christ.
I also need Gods pure and undiluted revelations & wisdom on the most vital gospel to preach at this difficult times for divine breakthrough for all.

Cure my Fear Anxiety

Please Pray with me, I need my fear to be taken away. It is causing to much anxiety. Please hear me Jesus Thank you Amen

Answered prayer

thank u soooooooooooooooooooo much for your thoughts and prayers!!! my friend was 6 minutes early to class today. she is cured! praise be to God!!!!

Spiritual healing & financial problems

Heavenly father, I need your advise on spiritual healing. To listen and hear what the God is saying to me, to serve God unconditional. to be able to pray for the sick as it is my duty to do that. To please help me with my financial problems, untie the monies that are due to me in Jesus name. Amen

Spiritual growth

Please pray for me to grow spiritually and also for get a job.

Thank you.

Special intentions

Dear most holy apostle St. Jude please hear my prayers help me develop a stronger relationship with God and Jesus and continue to guide me in my special intention. Help me with my envy and continue to nurture my relationships

Soud mind

Please give me a answer about my health. I’m extremely worried and depressed. I want my normal life back. I want the anxiety attacks to stop please God help Me!!!!!!!

Son, Drew

Praying up son and Christ Follower, and college football player, Drew, to continue to walk in excellence. For Godly favor of coaches and team, to make travel team, opportunity to be on field and make things happy, to shine for Christ, for safety, strength, speed, power. To be a key player on the field and continue Dean’s list in classroom. In spring to make outstanding score on LSAT and get full ride to to Law School. Drew works so hard and is of a gentle spirit! He doesn’t party or do some of the things other players do….asking for the Lord to honor him and bless him in these details. God is Good

Son lost

My son has been saved and baptised, but has not been walking in the spirit as you know Lord. I had turned my back on you as well, but you have forgiven me and restored my sanity gave me the strength to use the tools you have given us all to deal with any situation. Although I turned my back on you Lord thank you for never giving up on me, forgiving me, and blessing me with your grace and mercy. My faith is undeniable, I know faith without works is dead. Although I still fall short I am working harder than ever to fully submit to you giving you full control to do your will and not mine or others. Lord I pray today that you give my son not only comfort in his troubled times, but strength, faith, and a solution to his issues. Forgive me for not being the best man of God I could be and continuing to teach him you are the only way. Mostly by example, as you know i’ve drawn closer to you than ever now, and your blessings and lessons have been abundant. I humbly pray that you give me the answer, courage, and strength to guide him through this time when he is letting satan hurdles stumble him and pull him from focusing on you. I pray you dont have to let him suffer as you did me to teach him this truth. I pray he gains the hunger to draw nearer to you like I have and that he realizes this and fights through this storm with you lighting his way, protecting him, and giving me the wisdom and strength to follow your path for me, and help light his path you have for him at the same time. You know the outcome before i pray Lord, so however things happen I shall not fear or fall short in my obediance to you no matter how tough it gets. For I know you have control even though we have the free will you gave us. Forgive me of my many shortcomings as I strive to work harder every day for Christians never retire we increase our work to complete yours. You gave your only son for me and the world to be saved. God forbid I ever loose focus of that another day, ever, I give you my life to do your will for all my days as my unworthy thanks for such a loving sacrifice you gave for me. I will handle this as you guide me and help me guide him. In Jesus holy name I pray. Amen.

Son and his family

Lord, I plead Your Blood of my son, his gf and their unborn baby. I pray protection around them and bind all brokenness and addiction in Jesus Name Amen.

Soften a step dad’s heart

I have been with my husband since my daughter was 5. She is now 13, my husband and her always seem to be at odds and fighting all the time. I believe God wants us to stay together so I try to pray and do what I can to keep my family together. Last night their yelling came to a head and he wants to kick her out. She has nowhere to go. We just moved to a new state and ahe has no contact with her dad and hasn’t since she was three. When I told him this he says she has two weeks to find somewhere or he is moving out and taking our two sons, 3 and 1, with him. I have a hard time believing God wants ne to choose between my kids…. I need divine intervention I cant do it alone.


I have very bad back and pain in my feet bottom also i am a diabetic.

She will get better

Please pray for my daughter so her Social Aniexty leaves and she can return to normal.

Set me free

I ask that you pray for someone to buy my property so that I have the money to move back to where my family lives. They need me to help take care of my two nephews. Their father is a single parent and he is 71 years old trying to raise two boys, ages 12 and 9, alone. It has been very difficult for him. I am working two jobs and trying to save the money to move back to help him. I own 120 acres of property, and if I could sell it, that would help make it possible to relieve some of the financial and physical stress on this father and his children and enable me to move there to help him take care of the children. Please pray that someone falls in love with my property and buys it. It is beautiful property and I love it too, but my nephews and their father are more important to me.
I need your help. Please pray for me.
With gratitude and love for you, God, and the many beautiful gifts you have given me, I pray for this help for me and my family. May I always remember what is right and true and most important.
In Jesus name,


Please pray for me and my wife , she is the love of my life and we are separated since June of this year, I pray every morning and night for her to open here heart to me once again .We have had financial problems combined with depression and me working so much I didn’t see it we have lost each other please pray for us to return to the married couple we once we’re so we can full fill God’s destiny for us .

Self-renewal and help

For the power and commitment to really change myself for the better, to help me and heal me. Help with my fears, anxieties and eating disorders so I can be strong and wise. Empower me to be unshakeable and find my purpose in life so I can help as many people as I can in the World. I also need help so that God brings the right people in my life who will stay with me and not leave me. I want to love God with all of my life and have a powerful faith! I am very grateful and thank you!

Prayer for Strength

Please pray for my daughter who is considering pre-marital sex. She is only sixteen. That the Lord would intervene. Thank you for prayers.

God bless

Prayer for healing mind body and soul for me and family

I need prayers for my family and nephew pray in Jesus name he gets off from his drug addiction and give his wife and him a healthy relationship and in marriage and help my family with mental illness mind body and souls and financially through Jesus Christ


I’m having women issues in my body.


God give me a giving grateful heart. Always let me show empathy, forgiveness and understanding toward others. Show me how to organize my life.

Seeking financial breakthrough and a job

Bishop i seek financial breakthrough as i am 50 000 rand in debt and have enermies back home becoz of my debt,i cant go home and see my family bcoz my enermies and i have resigned thinking that i can pay my debts with the money but its a verry long process and i desperately need 7000 by monday and i have no clue were it will cum frm and yesterday i went for an interview in arcardia pretoria in the Muelmed mediclinic please pray for me to get the job i need it desperately the said they will call the successful candidate by end nxt week please let it b me,pls Bishop i promise to give an offering of thanks wen i get my breakthrough

Seeking employment

Dear lord please listen to my prayers so that i can find a job real soon been out of job since july 2018.

Save our marriage

Dear Lord, you have given me a wonderful man that I have cherished since we were both 15 years old. I always thought that you made him just for me. That we would spend the rest of our lives together and grow old together, hand in hand, Till the end of time. Now 36 yrs later, 25 yrs married, we have grown so far apart and my heart is breaking. Please dear Lord, bring him back to me. I love him so much. Please ease the troubles in his mind n soul. Please with a wave of your hand take away his depression and bring back those beautiful smiling eyes that I have fell in love with so long ago. Help him to find the power within himself to fight off the demons that has filled him with depression n self loathing. Help him find a better job so that he can take care of our family financially. Please dearest Lord, Bring him back to me…in your blessed sons name I pray…Amen

Save my marriage

Lord, I haven’t been to church in a long time and I am deeply sorry. I have lied to my husband about credit cards, he now knows wants to leave me. Which I fully understand, I have lied to him over and over for the last 29 years about money. I don’t want to lose him, but I think I have this time. This is all my fault, he’s a great man and I took advantage of him. Please have mercy on my soul Lord, help me save my marriage.

Save my marriage

Please I need lots of blessing. My marriage unsusesfully. I want to save my marriage. I have tow daughter. My humans always recoding me when have any conversations. Because he always telling me he can show lawyer I’m crazy. I want lots of prayers from your. Please pray for me.

Save me from myself

Please dear God
Firstly i want to ask your forgiveness for all my sins. I am not worthy of you this i know but i simply ask you to please save me from myself. I’ve made plenty of bad choices which as caused complication in my life because the choices i made was not of good foundation. Help me become independent and wise. Help me to give my daughter a better life and help me to accept myself and be the best version of me in your light. I ask that you accept me into your home one day with ariana there. Make away with my low self esteem and become a woman that walks beside her God. Give me faith, patience ,diligence and peace in this world that no one understands bt you . Help me to change my life to one that you will be happy with and assist me in achieving more help me to be humble and have a heart full of your love.
In Jesus name

Save Jody

Jody is very sick. He is in multiple organ failure and on life support. The are try dialysis today to see if that takes pressure off his kidney and liver but he still has fungal pneumonia in his lungs. Please help me pray for his healing. He is 34 years old and has so many things still to do. I need him to make it through this and then he can tell everyone of his miracle that God graces us with. I can’t lose him. God it can be a slow road and he does not have to heal quickly just please do not let me lose him. God please have mercy on us. I trust in you and know God that you will heal him. Thank you and I love you God

Save girl from my fraud brother in law

My brother in law is characterless and does black magic and offer Scarifices. By telling lies about his life and prosperity he wants to fraud girls for marriage. Friends, relatives, blood relation brother all are involved in this fraud. Please pray that all girls should reject his proposal for marriage.please pray that girls life be saved. Please pray its urgent to save girls life. Please.


Pray for me to serve God with all my heart,soul, mind and strength, pray for me that i may live a holy life to please God and walk in his steadfast love and his truthfulness, pray for me that i may live to serve him and harvest more souls for him and pray for my family that they may support me in this journey of glorify his name high and pray for me that he may fill me with his wisdom and understanding of his voice that i may share and be a witness of the good news i trust that in jesus name he will full fill the desires of my heart


Please pray for the salvation of my three sons. And that God puts people in their lives to mentor them and help them grow in the Lord.

Thank you!!