ather, Provide me with a good job

by Lisa (Usa)

Dear Father, I come to You asking for your blessing in providing me with a good job. Lord, for 2 years I have been trying to find a good job and even when I’m qualified I am rejected. Lord from the bottom if my heart, my soul is crying out in anguish regarding my unemployment. Lord, I am ashamed, depressed and unable to move on in any aspect of my life because of this impediment.

GOD PLEASE HELP ME GET A GOOD JOB NOW!!!!! You are omnipotent and I know you still make miracles happen. All my trust is in you Lord God. Please hear my cry and answer my prayer in favor. God, please send me the job you have in store for me. I say thank you for hearing and answering prayers. In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen!

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