At the foot of the cross

by Regina ()

Loving senior, cared for entire family, mother, father paralyzed 12 yrs, brother and sister. All died. Now I have multiple cancers, need heart surgery, internal bleeding and much constant pain from severe arthritis. Landlord court evicting me after 24 yrs, no cause. Only car front wheel actually fell off, car not fixable. No money, strength, or family alive to help move, have surgeries. Landlord also stealing from me 24 yrs putting water pump on my electric for their whole farm, crops, cows, their whole house etc. Lawyers say since it’s a landlord, very hard to get justice or money. They won’t help, nor will electric company. So sad. Can’t even live in my car since I don’t have one now. Rural area. Jesus is still my Lord. And I am still his little lamb. Can u help? I cared for not only every family member, but many other dying and disabled families. Also spent 45 yrs rescuing hurting sweet little outside animals. Many not good outcomes. Very hard to find homes. My heart is broken. Pls help me get a new home, decent car, health care I need. God bless you. The Lord is near to the broken-hearted. I know your prayers will make all the difference for me and those I still need to help. Tomorrow is eviction court date. Very scared.

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