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My name is Amanda Adkins and I’m 35 yrs old. I Was raised in Church,as my Grandfather was a founding Pastor, I was saved, baptized, and was active until about the age of 14. I started following my brother’s path of smoking and skipping school, next thing I know it, it’s about 10 yes later and I developed a bad pain pill addiction. I became pregnant, long story short, I’ve been prescribed methadone (which I stay on bc of bad back from car accident) for 15 or more years. I’ve also been through a lot of trauma and prescribed anxiety and adhdmeds since I was a teenager. I am more than willing to come off of the medication, I just don’t know whether it’s tempting God to come off all cold turkey. I just want to have a deeper spiritual relationship with Jesus and don’t want anything to hinder my growth,as I have given my life back to Christ after 21 years. I quit smoking and cursing, even took my piercings out. Please Pray for myself and for my Family, especially my 11 yr old daughter Diamond who thinks it’s cool to be bad.

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