Assistance for rent & employment

by Patrick (Van Nuys, CA)

Dear God, I’ve been unemployed for a few months & the unemployment insurance has dried up. I had hoped and prayed I would have found a job by now, but it’s been tough thru the holidays being slow for hiring. I wasn’t able to pay rent this January so the landlord will be coming down hard on me for the rent. So that stress of eviction has burden the already difficult job search. I even applied for a job with a ride sharing service, but that has hit a snag while they complete my background check and when a rental vehicle becomes available in about 1 or 2 weeks. Friends and family are also having it tough so they’re unable to help even thru credit or loans. I’m trying to be optimistic, and pray every night and morning for success, but the pressure is getting worse everyday and I’m terrified something inside me will snap and I will just crumble and give up on life. Please God, don’t abandon me. I could use a miracle right now. Thank you.