Asking Prayers For My Marriage

by Tarah (Florida)

My Husband and I have only been married just a short time. We have been through so many obstacles in this first year. He has recently started pushing me away. I found out My Husband has been talking quite frequently over the phone with another woman. This turned my whole life upside down. I’ve begged and pleaded with him to please stop and for us to get the help we need. I just feel helpless. I cannot do this alone. I’ve been praying so hard! Please pray for my husband and his heart with me. Please pray for our marriage, and for us to find our way back to the love that I feel in my heart is still here. Please pray hard with me. Please pray for us to love one another as God intended for us to love one another. Please pray for our forgiveness and compassion for one another. Thank you so much in advance, from the bottom of my heart!

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