Asking Heavenly Father God Almighty for a financial miracle to come to me!

by Laurie Mary Sarty (Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada)

Dear Heavenly Father God Almighty, This is your child speaking and I ask for a miracle a financial miracle to come my way by you Jesus. I ask for you to grace me have mercy on me and my soul and forgive me from all my sins and I go down on my knees heavenly Father and ask you to send me a financial Miracle now, not a month or year from now but now!

My dearest Mother has given all she can give to help us and my Mother goes without to help us and others in need. Heavenly Father I want to give back to my dear Mother for all she has given and with your help give Mother a better life. I also want my love from Germany to continue to stay with me for without her would be pain and suffering.

The Government takes from the poor to gain for themselves and I forgive all the evil people that has taken from me. I do not hate anyone but feel the strain the financial strain daily, and know I can only ask you to save me this time.

Most of the financial pain is caused by my neglecting to do the right decision, I am a Nurses Aid and work long trying 12 hour shifts in a continuing care facility, the job is rewarding but the pay is not enough to keep ahead.
I can assure you I will help others and pay off all my debtors.

Lord in the heavens hear my prayer. Amen
Love your child
Laurie Mary Sarty