Asking God for healing of my ears

by Michael ()

Dear God, for the last year I have been hoping every day that my ears would become unblocked and my equilibrium would return. It has been so incredibly hard to get through each day with this happening to me. I have searched for an answer from doctors and now I am putting my faith in your healing. I should have been more trusting in you this whole time. Please God, please help me heal from this. It has taken such a toll on my family and my life. As the head of my family, it has stripped me of all of my confidence as a man and a leader since my wife and children have had to deal with me through these times. I have not been the strong leader they need. I feel as though my entire world is falling apart. I want to be strong, and I will keep pushing and try my best to have faith in your power. Please God, please I am begging for your healing. Please allow my body to recover from this. I have faith. I will continue to be patient. I love you. Amen

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