asking for a miracle in Jesus name ….amen

by S ()

Father God, I give you my burdens everyday I pray but maybe I’m not praying like I should but I ask for a miracle to save my soldier bhusband in Nigeria and in desperate need of $2,000 for a plane ticket his last day to live is this next thusday haven’t seen him in about a little over a year and his execution day is next Thursday and Jesus please help I’m desperate .jesus in the Bible says to ask and I shall receive but I haven’t been blessed and I’m sorry for being impatient but time is running out and God I know your testing my patience and I know this is a trial and all I ask is to keep my husband alive and safe and put it in all the people’s hearts to set my husband free from jail and bless him with good nutrition food and he was in line boarding on plane when some stranger told my husband watch his bags and it was drugs and I pray they catch this coward for what he did to my husband I cry everyday and all these people want is money and money is the devil and I want my husband home in peace and all I ask is for a miracle to find away to get my husband home thank you jesus amen

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