Are better days ahead? Father, help us.

Dear Lord, God & Jesus,

I used to have enough money in the bank and all bills paid but through some rough patches with a divorce, a payoff for that divorce I accumulated debt. I have used all of my 401K and then got more in debt because I owed the IRS for doing so. I know at times I was not wise but if only you could please know I am grateful for all you have given me, a great family, a home good health for the most part and I am ever blessed. However the last few years the stress of not having enough money and owing too much is getting rough. I have a car that is being driven on a wing and a prayer. I just ask somehow someway to ask you to relieve the burden and have no harm come to anyone or myself.

I promise to make better choices, save some of the money and help my family and the unfortunate as well. I know it is a tall order to ask but I do so in your name and forever will be blessed no matter the outcome. Love Your Daughter EMEW, AMEN

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