Approval of a project Contract

by Zigli (Norcross,Ga, US)

We just proposed a business contract and needed prayers for this contract to be approved and awarded to us. We know many are involved and awaiting for the same contract, but we’ve already claimed it in the name of Jesus!

So, we are thanking the Lord for the approval of this new project. We want all to join us celebrate the kindness of the Lord, We worship Him for His kindness, We praise Him for His kindness, We adore Him for His kindness, Let’s all join hands and worship Him, and praise Him, for His Mercy liveth forever Amen!
There are 6 of us awaiting the approval of this project we need God’s guildance, blessings, To keep our hearts pure and sincere, To resist all greed and dishonest temptation. So help us Oh Lord. Amen!!

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