Approval for apartment

I am asking for prayers to get approved to this apartment i have just applied for. I am not sure if I do or not but I was told I have an unlawful detained on my record but I searched for this and there is another with the same name just different date of birth that has an eviction on her record. I checked my credit report and there is no record of an eviction or unlawful detainer on my record. I have been jumping from house to house because of this situation and I finally have the funds and everything I need for an apartment for my kids and i. I’m currently staying at my mother in laws home and she only has a 1 br. And my children and i sleep in the living room. I am praying to the Lord and asking for prayers that my application for this apartment get approved. Please my kids and i really need this as we cannot stay here anymore. It is too crowded and my in law likes to drink and smoke often. And my children have asthma. Please please please please. I really need this apartment. No matter how much I have begged landlord’s to rent to me they do not even bother processing my application. Please I really need my own apartment. Not just for myself but for my children. :'(

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