applied for jobs in several companies

by Jennifer (Dubai)

My friend son Clyde has applied for jobs in several companies. They are on visit in the UAE. For Clyde i have even applied in my company but there is no mention of any word from the department. They just keep on rejecting even when he is well qualified and workalcholic. I request you all to pray for Clyde for a good job with good salary as his visa is expiring in April. Time is running out. He also went for the airline interview until the last round everything was in favour and then there was complete silence and they said we will let you know. Please pray for Clyde job in my company to put in the mind of the people to whom i have submitted the cv. to call him for an interview

My other friend son Keagan this is the 5th time he has come to uae and going without back to India without a job. Please pray for him too

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