apartment and fees paid

by lee ()

Hello! I have faced some severe hardship. I lost my best friend he died. I lost family close and I lost my home due to a toxic landlord I broke my lease. However, my new dream job is in a new town I am stuck needing moving help, a car ( have not actually had one in 11 years). It is getting cold and a car to move and have would be lovely and apartment costs paid. I lost alot of people who stabbed me in the back when times got tough, they mocked me, used me for their own benefit. I would appreciate a prayer for a apartment. In 2 years I have not had a stable home or a car to call my own instead of taxi rides. I would also like justice to those by the grace of God to take care of what happened to me. I was hurt my a man and left and I would really like the feeling that there are decent men out there who don’t play games that are a perfect fit for my career and support a women in the military and not run around on her. I have been abused, survived things many do not walk away from, hurt financially, deceived by a lot and forgave it all. I have not had a Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a Birthday in 5 years and I am losing faith in the Good of being patience and true. I have hope but I know prayer is stronger in #’s so I want this more than you can possibly imagine. I lost my love and 7 friends that supported me dead from overseas and law enforcement jobs gone too soon. I am alone, the person I thought loved me used me and was not single and made me look bad. I want to be forgiven for things I said when mad from facing so much rejection. I want to believe that abiding my what is right will be rewarded and not lose my faith in the greater picture. Thanks. Prayers for justice to the past, and things a home car and friends who love me and a family one day in my future.

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