anxitey and panic attacks

by Eula (Cedarville Nj Usa)

dear heavenly father thank you for this beautiful day .thank you for being in my life.please father protect my family and love ones.please forgive me of my sinns.i know i belive in you so any thing is possible the saying is turn the unpossible into the possible and with you this can be done.please father heal me from any illness i may have i know i have very ba danixtey andf panic attacks please heal me from them.i am going on a party boat trip for the frist time sunday please guide me to not have any attacks i would love to enjoy my self.father please let everytyhing turn out for the best for m epaying cjhildsupport for erica it should stop i shouldnot have to pay it .i ask this in the name of the father and the holy spirit AMEN

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