Anxiety Prayer

Please pray to God that my anxieties would go away. I say untrue or unreal things to myself and they make me worry/get upset over nothing real.

I then say I’ll be punished over it. I know God wouldn’t do them to me. The best thing is that they’re not going to happen. I don’t want to become affected by these untrue things. I don’t want these anxieties anymore.

Please pray for me and also for j.b.that we become healed and these things we sayt don’t happen. We are both going through similar anxieties. We’ve had this too long. It’s time to let go and let God heal us.

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  1. Its gook you know God won't let this imagined punnishment appen

    i can see that you feel right in the way you say “God will not punish me” even though the devil is messing with your mind saying he will.

    Keep that faith that you have in God and apply it anew every day to give you the strength to resist the devil like you have been and let you faith in the Lord grow.

    “Oh Lord please help your servant whose name i dont see and their friend JB with their pace of mind. Please help to calm their anxiety and allow them to fight all the bad thoughts that the devil puts there and to give the a sense of you love that you give to us, so that they can be assured in you and know that their faith in you can be increased.


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