Anxiety over recurring bedbugs

by Peter Healey (Schenectady NY USA)

I have had a bedbug infestation for some time now. My apartment managers have treated my apartment several times now. i have lost clothes, all my books, 2 beds, 1 blow up bed, 3 couches and various other things to try to get rid of them. it seems as though I’m fighting a losing battle. I am sleeping on a hard coffee table. I don’t sleep well. I am out of control. I am at my wits end. I received a notice that my apartment will be inspected on the 19 of February. If they find any bedbugs I will have to throw out other things. I can’t go on like this. I’ve just recently come back to the Lord. I know He is bigger than all of this. I have no peace of mind. Please pray for me. I am desperate. Thank you.

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