Anxiety at work prayer

by Jenna (Oklahoma)

Please pray for me. Things in life keep going in a circle. It’s almost like for the past few years everything has been the same. I was with out a job for 2 years so I prayed for a job and went and looked and found one. Now things at work stress me out and I cant even enjoy being there. When I get my days off I don’t want to even go back. I live in small town where there isn’t very much of an opportunity so you take what you can get.

Ive lived here for 8 years now. No family lives here with me. I met the love of my life and decided to stay after praying about it. Some times though things are great other times things are not so great. Here lately Ive been really sad because I want to travel and for us to get away for a while so we can get a break from doing the same things over and over again.

I think we both feel like birds locked in a cage waiting for God to set us free. This past week I tried everything to please everyone at work but nothing worked. Everyone was mad or sad or irritated including my boss. So I did my job and got out and left when I was done with out saying goodbye this time.

I work in a nursing home doing laundry and housekeeping. It wears me out and honestly I don’t like it. But its a job and feels as if Jesus is training me for something special in my life.

It seems I’m broke again and yesterday I had no food at home but today I was blessed with a pantry full of food from the church. Also my friend is going through a break up and needs Jesus really bad.

Please pray for her to get saved and for angels to watch over us and keep us safe. Also pray for my anxiety its really getting worse and I worry so much about work and stuff. Life is hard but through Jesus he makes it a little easier. Please pray for us. thank you.