Anxiety and phobic Fears

by Juanita (London, England)

I am now 40years old, for more than 12 years I have been suffering from severe panic attacks which have affected me mentally. I have a phobia of going blind and of the dark, I do not live my life to the fullest because the fear these phobias have caused me.I am stressed and depressed. I rely heavily on the support of my mum which is so unfair on her as she is now 67 and is exhausted but by the Grace of God she still finds the time and energy to help me. I have become a near recluse and will not travel more than 10 minutes from my home as I am too afraid that something bad will happen to me. I want to live my life but I feel trapped Mentally. At Times I am afraid of being on my own as panic sets into my mind and I think I will go blind. I need healing mentally to overcome these phobic thoughts and healing from anxiety and depression. Please pray for my healing and the well being of my loving mother and family. Thank You All And God Bless.xx

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