Anxiety and dizziness and neck pain please heal me

(California )

Hello I am young mother of three and a wife. Recently in June I lost my fourt child and my doctor after recommended birth control called the mirena and since then I have not been the same I had horrible experience panic attack one day driving with my children and since I have had them everyday since beginning of august 2016 and I had the mirena removed September 13,2016 I still deal this but this past November it hasn’t been that bad but for a month and a half now I have neck tightness and pains I’ve been checked for everything and even ultrasounds and ct scan on my head everything comes back normal except vitamin d levels are low. But I also suffer from dizziness and lightheaded everyday and I get nervous for no reason and my chest will hurt but my neck tightening with pain and headaches and dizziness and sometimes I cannot swallow and it makes me so nervous I just want to be healed please I want to watch my kids grow up. I’m so afraid of dying or something bad happening. Google doesn’t help makes me more nervous. Please help me and pray for me and with me. Please I miss being me. I have lost weight and lost my hair and I don’t interact with my family anymore or go out do fun things with my family like before. I feel so uncomfortable. My name is Kimberly.

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