by Beverley ()

Thank you for the beautiful family
That you have blessed me with.
Please be with each one today as the seconds tick past. Guide their steps, lighten their burdens,
Make the decisions they need to make clear to them, without hesitation let them be made. Send the help that they need. Take away all anxiety and any negative thoughts. Give them strength to do what needs to be done, and peace
And comfort in knowing that you
Lord make all things beautiful.
I especially ask that you be with my daughter Julie as she prepares for her daughter’s graduation party,
Please stop any anxiety over what to serve, any anxiety over keeping guests safe from Covid 19, any anxiety from hot weather, please send cool air and cool breezes.
Please make this day Sunday
June 13, 2021 a beautiful day for my family as we celebrate my grandaughter’s High School graduation and her 18th Birthday.
Father, creator of all beauty, the one we try to copy, but will never equal, or cant even imagine all the beauty you have in store for us, let us all focus you, and trust you provide all provisions, comfort, protection, peace and beauty.
May this day bring extreme honor and glory to you Father, and to your
Son Jesus Christ, and to your Holy Spirit.
In Jesus name I pray

Thank you to all are called by God
To pray to day for the above and for all women preparing for parties
May God bless you

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