answers of the decade of the same things feel stuck

by timeka ()

I feel like i am stuck haven’t grown in Christ or life haven’t move forward in over 10 years. same situations different days seem prayers not answers sexual addictions sin diobedience stuck in a bad house situation drugs and selling prostituion and my neighbor fights banging noise all around the clock then i leave the house to get a form of relieve then verbal abuse and sin sex at my boyfriend have nobody my child was in trouble with the law so hes upstairs in my boyfriends house for safety reasons but he wants us to pay him im on a fixed income because i had brain surgery cancer i my throat insulin dependent plate in head and foot as well with screws high blood preese acid reflux bone fragments in mouth bersides in my hips and kness entrapment sydrome muslce frees up pain anemas pain in the head incontinence i cant take it ni more need a car good working car that’s mine a good house to live in to rent. My children to graduate high school and o love God more. I go back and forth to my self it unbearable there as well she had my son watch her baby while she was in the crack house. I need to be able to pass all my classes in college to get my bachelors. please 10 years plus dealing with all this and more 2 years with the neighbor. tried every thing bible i bough her and baby clothes offered help scriptures listening ear all bad in return also

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