Selling our home

Thank you St Joseph and St Jude for helping us sell our home so that our family could reunite so to my husbands job relocation!!! All praise is to our Lord Jesus Christ and our beautiful saints that intercede for us!!! Amen

Granting the J1 US VIsa

Lord we praise and glorify Your Name forgive our sins thank you for all the blessings you have given to us. Lord I ask your divine intercession for getting the US visa of my daughter tomorrow these I all I ask In Jesus Name amen


I need miracles & all my prayers fufilled by tomorrow morning (apt, money, food, job, support system, time back, peace, hope, healing & love) I need my faith in God restored. Ive tried everything & I cant feel God or get a real breakthrough. Does he love me outside of John 3:16? I feel cursed. … Continue reading “Suffering”


I ask for prayers fr the Hackette family for them in getting over the death of their son Nicholas Anthony Hackett for peace, love, togetherness and fidelity in their family also strength. I also ask prayers for Sheila Seemungal for her children to assist her in this time of need. I prayer for Ovita Burke … Continue reading “family”


That I be guided to, placed exactly where I am meant to be.


That I be protected from any and all forms of harm.

Prayer for enrichment

I pray that the Holy Spirit is always with me as I renew my faith and try to become a better Christian.

Relationship problems resolved

There are not enough words to explain how thsnkful I am that my prayer was answered! I am still waiting for another prayer to be answered. Keeping faith everything will fall into place. Thank you St. Jude for the powerful prayers working with the lord to help resolve and mend our relationship.

Good job

God help me to find a good job

Victory in Court Case

Please pray that God will give us victory in court on 27th February. Nicholas & Edith Nakuru,Kenya


Please help me pray…am expecting a blessing…i what my expectation to come to pass…that any power or any person standing against that expectation they plan will destroy.. in JESUS NAME me pray

For peace at work

My boss Kevin at work is giving us teachers more work than we can cope with. Help him to understand that we have families at home and it’s not fair on our children when he overwork us. Also help the children at school to stop fighting and behave themselves. Thank you.

Praise and thank you dear St Jude

Thanks be to God and most wonderful St Jude. Thank you for answered prayers for Erin and Caleb, a quick and just resolution to their problem. Patty

Praise and thank you dear St Jude

Thanks be to God and most wonderful St Jude. Thank you for answered prayers for Erin and Caleb, a quick and just resolution to their problem. Patty

Fear of Driving

I ask the Holy Spirit to intervene on my behalf to help me overcome the fear of driving which have taken over my life in the last 2years, I was a very confident driver but for some reason I have become afraid of the road, I ask please for your prayers

Financial blessing

I pray for extraordinary financial blessing to come into my life very soon in good health!!!!

My sons, wife & TJ

Dear Jesus and all the saints in heaven. Mom, dad and grandparents. Thank you for helping my sons help me help them. Bless their stepmother for all that she has done for them. Bless her with prosperity, health and good fortune bless her with her employment situation and her desires. Help me im getting consumed … Continue reading “My sons, wife & TJ”

Thanks Giving

Thank you Holy Spirit for answering my prayer request of helping my daughter succeed in getting an internship job. Thank you so much.

Prayer for God’s Restoration

Dear St. Jude, please help my Sons, Vance,II, Andre’ & Aaron to receive their God given jobs that will match their interests, abilities and satisfy them financially, spiritually, mentally & physically in the town they like best an let them receive their benefits, monies that are due. Heal them, GrandDaughters and I also, ask God … Continue reading “Prayer for God’s Restoration”

A prayer for Somaliona

Dear: Our father who Art in Heaven, In the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit.Amen. Thankyou for all of the blessings in my life.Amen. I pray to you Lord please make me rich.Amen. I pray to you Lord please make all of your good karma that you’ve done … Continue reading “A prayer for Somaliona”

Thank you Saint Jude

Thank you Saint Jude for answering my prayers, sincerely Vince SD. You know what’s in my heart, and for whom and what I’ve prayed. With this note I offer my humble gratitude, and encouragement of devotion to you. Amen.

in dire need

i need prayers for finacial needs i pray daily i havent worked since oct 2017 due to sickness i lost just about everything from not paying my bills i have gone threw the red tape for sick benifets .but nobody seems to get excited wheather i survive or not im next thing to being homeless … Continue reading “in dire need”


Lord I give you it all. Please bless my marriage and finacial debt. Thank you for your blessings


Bring my relationship back with God himself and let him open Doors for me and my Relationship And Love accept me and help me to Do Good . HELLLP!

Law School

Praying for my Daughter to be admitted into a Law-School in the Midwest for the 2018-2019 School year.

Thank you St. Jude

Thank you St. Jude for always coming through for me. I asked for prayers for passing my law and policy exam which were difficult and I have passed. Thank you for interceding with the Lord for me. I am forever grateful. Amen and Amen

Prayer for our home

Please Lord help my family and the home we live in. Eveything has been so stressful, because everything has been breaking. Please keep everything we are fixing together and in working order. Please keep our plumbing working, our water running, electrity stable, fridge running, power on, floors from breaking, termites out and anything else that … Continue reading “Prayer for our home”

Thank you for everything

Dear heavenly father, Thank you for answering my prayer. I have yet to know what will happen with the man i love and myself, but im grateful because you have filled me with hope and trust. I know that sometimes i get anxious and worried about the future. Then almost like a warm gentle touch … Continue reading “Thank you for everything”


Father In pray that everything goes according to your plan with the loan for the home.

For God to give me victory over my wife resistance for us to sell our semi detached house and down size to a good and better house in a better location in London or surburb

For God to torch my wife’s heart so that she will remove the notice she placed on my matrimonial house preventing the sale of the house with a view to downsizing to a better Modern house in a better area. Alternatively for God to reveal to us how to get help to get planning permission … Continue reading “For God to give me victory over my wife resistance for us to sell our semi detached house and down size to a good and better house in a better location in London or surburb”

Please pray John to get the job he is attending and for protection and guidance from God

Please pray for John to get Salvation,Lord to wipe away his tears,anxiety,depression,and from every evil bindings of sin,family tree bondages,from every inner wounds, hurt,phobias,insecurity,revenge,lust and to get filled with Holy Spirit,get a permanent full time job in the field he done graduation and to get faithful God-fearing friends there and to live with.Lord, give him … Continue reading “Please pray John to get the job he is attending and for protection and guidance from God”


God help me and my husband get back together that he stop hurting me and come and get me back that he loves me more then ever our marriage get stronger. And keep the emeny away from us amen

Prayer for admission into the University

Lord in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ I pray that you grant me admission into the University of calabar in their last list that’s coming up today

Thank you

Dear Lord thank you for bringing Tony home safe. I ask you to please give us a safe trip back and for your protection in traffic. Please keep our home safe while we’re gone and I thank you again for your protection during the hurricane. Please bless and keep safe all mine and Tonys family. … Continue reading “Thank you”


That Vicci will be saved.

Money difficulties problems

Lord please make a miracle into my life tonight with 6 lucky mega millions numbers or please do a miracle in my life tonight to wake up with mpney into my bank account. Tomorrow morning please jesus answers my prayers i have money problems i have money dificult problems and stress and many more problems … Continue reading “Money difficulties problems”

Financial break through

May the Lord provide me the necessary finance to construct a new house and to arrange for my children. Please pray for this request. Thank you.


Blessed are you Lord, merciful God, and blessed is your holy and honorable name. Blessed are all your works forever. Lord, I wanted to thank you for getting our daughter accepted to the school we applied for. My prayers to you are always to help me build the family that you have given me and … Continue reading “Thanks”