Answered Prayer Got a Job

by REM (Texas)

I prayed for St. Jude to help me get a job. I did! Thank you St. Jude. Miracle worker please help me now recover my son. Let him come back to us, without negativity, clean of heart, soul and mind. Let him not be a threat to any of us. For him to be the noble kid he has always been. Restore our family please I beg. All I desire is for him to follow the way of the Lord, for him to be drug and alcohol free and a man of good character and faith in the Lord. Please, please help us be a family again. Make those evil people go away from his life. For him to open his eyes and realize we are his true and only family, that those people are not good for him to be around with.

Make him realize he needs an education and he is part of our family. Let him come back to us with a clean heart, honest, humble and transparent. Please I beg forgive all my sins and hear my pleads. I need my son back, its killing me to see him about to throw his life away and not get an education and be so close to negative things. Bring him drug and alcohol free. With sincere and honest feeling to be here with us. Enlight him to open his eyes and see that we his family want nothing but the best for him and his future. He needs to get an education and follow the Lords way.

Please help us be a happy, healthy and united family again. Lord help us. Have mercy and stop this pain of him being away from us and seeing him so unhappy and lost. Please Lord bless him and enlighten him. He is my baby and we need him in our life. Please have mercy and help me recover my son.