Animal Sanctuary Needs Financial Miracle

by Jackie ()

I have a small, self-funded animal sanctuary. In spite of 2 college degrees and 20 years of experience in my field (IT/Marketing), I cannot get a decent job or contract work. I am often seen as overqualified, which is often code for age-discrimination. So, I have to take part-time minimum wage jobs, which is unstable work, if I can even get those. I often have to compromise my values/morals taking those jobs. But, my animals (special needs) are my concern; I vowed to care for them. I don’t feel that I have a choice. I have been unemployed or underemployed for more than 10 years. Every single day of my life, I am in SURVIVAL MODE, and it is physically/mentally/emotionally devastating.
And, now with a global pandemic, everything is much worse. Contract work and even permanent job positions are on hold. Even the dead-end jobs are scarce, with many companies having hiring freezes, and the few that are hiring inundated with applicants. These jobs are high-risk, too. These companies talk the talk for PR, but they are not making real efforts to protect workers. I cannot get sick. (I don’t have insurance, either.) My anxiety is so incredibly high just going to the store as infrequently as possible to buy supplies for the sanctuary. And, then worrying how I will afford those supplies. Making matters worse, I have several animals who are sick right now. Most all are special-needs animals to begin with, but these new health issues are perplexing. I am beside myself as to how to help them. My saint of a veterinarian (who doesn’t charge an offce visit), isn’t a diagnostician, so he isn’t really helpful at investigating the issues. Yet still, what meds he will prescribe are costly. More concerning are the ones whose condition is unknown. Can’t stand to see them suffer a second.
On top of that, as an Empath, I feel this anxiety a million-fold, for all the others who are struggling and hurting. Since I know it personally, I truly know how it feels, so that feeling of anxiety for the world is palpable. And, not just struggling financially, but also struggling with the ugliness that is this world — the racism, hatred, mysogyny, greed. It is all so much to undure.
All of my (known) personal problems could be solved with money. Money for cost of living, money for animal health care. And, even money for me ensure my own health.
For this reason, I pray for a financial miracle. Not just a $20 refund I was expecting, but a sustainable miracle — one to carry me through my life of caring for these animals. When they have passed away, I will too. Even better, one significant enough for me to do more for the greater good.
That said: As much as I personally need a financial miracle, I PRAY FOR THE WORLD. For the world to have compassionate, capable leaders whose primary concern is the citizens, not themselves. For financial stability for all. For wisdom to make good decisions. For an open heart to embrace differences among all people. For a collect conscience to see that humans are but ONE species on this planet, and value and respect must be shown to ALL creatures great and small. For all the respect and appreciate Nature for what she so lovingly provides, which humans so often disregard (so that she has to course correct for us) and actively destroy at every turn. For Peace.

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