Angels of protection from the enemies for their are many

by Tammy Clemons ()

Heavenly father i come to you with a humble heart an a bowed down head thanking you for what you are doing an about to do in this season father God i come asking an begging that you encamp your angels all around me an my whole family you know what they stand in the need of protect their going out an coming in we need ypu father God because pur enemies are many trying to kill steal an destroy an not understanding why so much anger an hatered it seems when we try to do right evil is always present but i cast all my cares upon you because you are our alpha an omega the beginning an the end an i thank you for loving me an my family an loving our fellowman even i worstest enemy that they come in many but we acknowledge that you are love an love conquers all father God you said in your word that when the enemies come upon attack it wasn’t your doing but tgat bo weapon formed against us shall an every tongue shall be condemned i trust you heavenly father to build a fence all around us my heart an mind gets a little troubled doing these trying times but i know what you can do during theses trails an tribulation an im begging an asking if you would kindle cime by an protect my son an his kids an his household he needs you heavenly father i need you every day at all time you are my life cycle an i thank you for life more abundantly thank you for creating a clean heart an renewing the right spirit within me an my family we are not perfect but we know what you can do an all we have to do is be still an leave it in your hands an THAT i no you are in control of all things an i leave it there because you are a just God that move the unmovable an give ease to a troubling mind this is your humble servant thank you Holy spirit thank you save our world our children an families in Jesus name amen to God be the glory amen amen

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