Angels needed

by Wendy (Florida)

Dear Lord, Please hear my Prayer;

You know the struggles we have been going through. You can see the pain on our faces and in our Hearts. You hear me daily asking for your help. Do you hear me Lord? Dear Jesus, I ask for your hands to be laid upon our shoulders, your strength and love to be filled in our hearts. I know their are others out there whom are in need of your assistance more so than us, however, we don’t know how much more of this we can bear. I fear that we are at our breaking point. I am reaching out to you because the others do not have the strength to do so. They are losing hope. I am too Lord, but I trying to hold on. Please send and Angel to help us Lord so that we may regain our pure Love and Happiness and Belief in you and the Good still in this world. Please Lord Jesus, I ask, I beg of you to help us by sending your Angels to help guide us through… Please, Please… Stop this fear, Stop these tears and stop the doubt…
In your Loving, Sweet name I pray. Amen.

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