An S.O.S for God’s help and deliverance

by Garenzel (Ansonia Connecticut USA)

Dear God in heaven in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, father I feel loss and hopeless. I need your help to make it through another day. I have done all I know how to make my situation better, yet in spite of my trying it only seems to get worse. I feel alone and I need your love to be evident in my life. I need a right now miracle. Their is no peace in the place I now call home. I in a new state , a place I have never been. I don’t know anyone here, and the people who I came to be with now feel like enemies. I am heart broken and weak from my trials. Most of them I admit I brought on myself. I need your mercy lord, as well as your kindness. I beg you for your help and your guidance and your peace to get through this. I feel I being mistreated and used as well as being made fun of in spite of my pain. Father I ask in Jesus name to make my soul know joy and happiness. Please forgive of my faults and save me from this never-ending hopelessness. God I pray for your loving comfort and a peace of mind. Father God right now today. In Jesus name I pray…Amen

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